Android “M” Name hints – Marshmallow to sweeten Android

    Android “M” Name hints – Marshmallow to sweeten Android

    Android M, the announcement of upcoming Android OS 2015 is the biggest event that every user is waiting for. But the most searched and discussed topic is the name of Android M. Every Android fan is guessing the name of the newer Android OS. Well, there are many discussion forums where Android fans are sharing their expectations over the name of Android M. What could be the name of Android M has become the hot speculation on internet since the day Google announced their plan for I/O event. Android M is reportedly internally called as Macadamia Nut Cookie and expected to get Marshmallow when get a consumer rollout.

    For now, Android M is being called by several names, for some it’s a sweet “Muffin” and for others it’s “Marshmallow.” Just like previous versions of Google’s Android, the new Android M is also getting some Indian names. Google I/O 2015 event which is all set to begin in few minutes will hold Android M developer preview. Not to forget that Android L got its name in October along with the launch of Nexus devices. So we should not really expect that Google will release the name of Android M now as this is just a developer preview. The final version of Android M is said to be scheduled for August.

    Android “M” names (lndian) – Modak, Malpua and Malai. But we don’t think that Android M will get an Indian name as Android never got any Indian name yet.

    Not even this, there are equal speculations for the next Android OS versions which are reportedly calling as Android N and Android Z. Well, these are just some guesses as we don’t have any concrete information about the same. The name of Android M is set to nothing yet but the topic is getting much hype among Android users. We are just few hours away from the Google I/O 2015 event; Google will soon release the name of Android M.

    Android M is expected to get most awaited features. Sources say that Android M will arrive with improved battery life feature and cut down RAM usage. Some experts also say that Google is expected to bring the solution to its previously released versions of Android OS. Google is expected to announce better battery life feature by keeping in mind the complaints of several users.

    Android Police suggests that Android M is internally called Macadamia Nut Cookie, but this name will change before consumer rollout as Lemon Meringue Pie (LMP) became Lollipop.

    We are just sieving hints and rumors and they are expected to continue up till the last minute. So would you like to taste the Marshmallow dipped in chocolate or a soft muffin?

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