DIY: 5 Budget Friendly and Simple Installments for Your Vehicle


    Want to “pump your ride” without the help or expense of a professional? There are some great DIY projects that are not only easy to do but also inexpensive and will give your car its own personality.

    1. Decals and Graphics

    Decals aren’t just about adding some flames to a vehicle anymore. Today’s graphics and decals can be purchased online for car sides, hoods, windows and trunks. Look for a company that offers DIY installation tips and an FAQ page to ensure you apply correctly once your receive them.

    From decals sold in pairs to custom graphics to girly or patriotic patterns, the sky’s the limit and these will add to your vehicle’s look and are easy to remove.

    2. Steering Wheel and Seat Covers

    From the fuzzy to the plain to the patterned to the custom, vehicle steering wheel covers and seat covers are becoming a popular way for people to make their car comfortable and noticeable.

    Most big box or auto parts stores sell these or if you need a customized size, seek out an online car seat manufacturer where you enter your seat dimensions—very often, these companies will throw in a matching steering wheel cover for free.

    3. Make Your Hubcaps or Rims Stand Out

    This DIY project is easy to do and a little paint is all you need. Change the color of your hubcaps with some spray paint. Be sure to use good quality paint and ensure the paint adheres well by cleaning the hubcaps first. Spray the hubcaps in the shade and allow for ample drying time per the paint instructions.

    To make rims sassy, remove wheel covers and get a small paint brush and paint color of your choice. Carefully paint the rims so they add color to your wheels—a great effect when in motion. Imagine the look when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle at places such as Ken Garff Ford used Ford cars and trucks—wild and noticeable.

    4. Add Custom Pedal Covers

    These are an affordable way to dress up your car and many stores carry these in for both automatic and manual systems (brake/clutch/gas pedal). Easy to install with mounting bolts, many of these come fun shapes and colors.

    Some models are equipped with tiny lights that come alive when pressed and if looking for a smart look, seek out chromes and blacks to showcase your vehicle.

    5. Custom Car Covers

    Tons of online sites carry custom car covers to fit exact manufacturer make and model—even to cover the mirrors. Choose from a variety of colors and durable fabrics and many come with tie-downs and locks to ensure your custom cover is safe from theft.

    To add value to your vehicle, find a company that is license to imprint manufacturer model logos on your car cover and that offer matching storage bags for safekeeping when not in use. These add value to your car along with making it unique.

    Showcasing your vehicle is easy to do with any or all of these five ideas so instead of turning to pros, use your imagination and these DIY accents to make your car look awesome.

    Helen Sousa
    My name is Helen Sousa. I am a professional reporter that has experience with writing and broadcasting.

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