Reasons for Why You Should Not Look for a Laptop GPU [Graphics Card]

    Reasons for Why You Should Not Look for a Laptop GPU [Graphics Card]

    Is your laptop’s GPU Damaged? You are not getting a video output on your LCD, even when you connect it to a external projector? If you are thinking now that your Laptop’s Grahpic Card also known as Mobility GPU or Video card is damaged than you are actually right.

    Ok now you know that your Laptop’s GPU is gone to heaven, So you started searching for a Laptop GPU or Video Card and wanna replace it your self? if Yes, then I would like to tell you that you are a computer noob in terms of hardware, I am not sure if you are a so called software engineer. You can not actually replace your Laptop’s GPU yourself, or not even a hardware techie can do it. Read the reasons below that why you should not be looking for a Laptop GPU.

    Why You Should STOP Looking for Laptop GPUS

    Heres the top reasons that will make you clear that searching for a Laptop GPU is almost near to insanity.

    • Laptop GPUs are so expensive alone, it is the cheapest when you buy it along with your laptop (inBuilt).
    • Laptop GPUs are soldered in Mother-board, And you can’t just take it out and replace it.
    • If you happen to replace your GPU on your Mother Board (Chip Level Development) there are chances it won’t be supported by your Laptop’s Mother Board, I may be wrong.
    • You may break your mother-board if you try replacing your GPU, and that’s gonna be a bigger headache.

    So you can’t actually replace your GPU if it is damaged, then what is the solution? There is hopefully one and only solution is you need to replace your Mother Board and get a mother board with on board graphic card or GPU in it or if it is too old just buy a new laptop, Please consider reading ” Best Laptops for Student in India” if you are looking for a best budget laptop.

    If you are outside India you can find a Mother Board for your Laptop on , If you are in India I would recommend you search for “<Laptop Model> Mother Board” query on , Also if your Laptop is under Manufacturer warranty then you should head to service center and ask for replacement from their.

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