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    To begin with, what is virtualization in terms of the hosting environments? Virtualization is the method by which a hardware or software platform is virtualized: i.e. a virtual form of it is created. This can be the operating system, storage, program etc. Virtualization is used by companies or organizations to reduce their total costs, improve energy and environmental efficiency, and to utilize the world of cloud computing. In the last two decades a number of digital technologies have come and gone. Given our hunger for new and improved technology and given the potential of new technology it’s easy to see how and why both hardware and software date so quickly.

    ANHosting isn’t your normal basement-started tech company.  Backed by parent company The UK2 Group, this extremely friendly and affordable web hosting company has cornered the affordable hosting package world nearly hands down. While the BBB accredits this business and numerous CMS platforms call their hosting service preferred for such content management, An-Hosting has well over 100 employees ready to make your hosting experience fruitful for years to come.  While many people are wondering how to choose a web hosting service for virtualization, Pricing, customer support, reliability and control panel were all including in our An-Web Hosting Web Hosting Review, and we’re proud to have been elected to conduct this for their company.

    Price Value

    Immediately noticeable upon landing at their company website is their offering of 1 package.  While some customers may find this intimidating, AN Hosting actually finds carrying just one package to be more beneficial than those with five.  Unlimited everything, including bandwidth and disk space, stick out when viewing their goodies.  You get 1 free domain name, loads of CMS platforms like Joomla, WP and Drupal. Unlimited SQL databases and shared SSL means you’ll be adequately prepared for ecommerce applications, and Magento’s Ecommerce platform will have your store up and running quickly.  All told, our An-Hosting Hosting review of price value is simply perfect.


    Linux powered servers which offer 99.9% network uptime only tip the surface when we performed this An-Web Hosting Web Hosting Review of server reliability.  Ksplice updates which allow for application and software upgrades without rebooting, and SAS 70 Type II Compliant servers means all data is safeguarded and encrypted for your protection.  N+1 datacenters controlled by monitoring and physical presences means nobody will infringe upon your rights for safe web hosting.  Add server side includes and private .htaccess, you’ll always have reliability under control.  Our final An-Web Hosting Web Hosting review of reliability is simply perfect across the board in uptime guarantees and solid infrastructural integrity.

    Control Panel

    Making application launches quick and simple epitomize how perfect AN Hosting has made their cPanel application for everyone to use.  Combined with Softaculous for quick script installations, cPanel is perhaps the easiest hosting manager to adapt to.  Dreamweaver is supported throughout your web building efforts, and B2Evolution blogs have been made available for those who want something other than WordPress operating their sites. Coupled with easy creation of online forums and image showcases, and our An-Hosting Hosting reviews of control panel usability are beaming with accuracy.

    Customer Support

    It takes more than sleight of hand to make customer service decisions, and An-Hosting knew this before beginning their company.  With centuries of combined internet experience throughout their office, An-Hosting is simply the best at making customers feel important.  Offering around the clock customer support from their Providence, Utah corporate center, the company takes email support, billing questions and deep technical issues with extreme care and concern.  When we conducted our An-Hosting Hosting review of their support personnel, our amazement grew to astonishment when they were quick to pick up their phones and answer all questions related to their company.  We give this portion of the review ten stars.

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