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How To Get Clear Skin : Simple Tips & Treated Results

    How To Get Clear Skin

    Every girl used to search a lot for one thing on internet and that is – How to get clear skin? How to have a perfect clear skin fast? But you certainly getting satisfactory answers though. We are presenting some easy to use tips to get the glowing skin in just 7 days. By following these simple steps, I can even bet that girls would love the results for sure! I make use of these tips every other day and trust me they are really beneficial. You know, one secret we should always keep into our mind forever! and this secret is give nutritious food to your skin too as you give to your stomach. Don’t believe me? Well you have to, if you want a perfect clear skin forever! Washing your face with a regular face wash is not just happening girls, your skin needs nourishment. Regular face washes makes skin really dull and even dry.

    Today, no matter which type of skin do we have – fairer, dusky, wheatish or dark, we just want a clear even toned skin. The skin which is clear, look so lively and fresh. A pimple free skin is a perfect skin no matter is it dark of fair! It should not look dull and full of acne spots! We are giving you some easy to use homemade tips to get clear and flawless skin with our two common aspects inner and outer care.

    Girls with dry skin should not use face wash products so frequently. Those who have oily skin should do it but only for once in a day. My skin is of combination type, i.e sometimes it’s really dry and get oily at nose area. Personally, If I share here, how many times do I use such face wash? Then trust me, I use them only twice a week. Your face is made up of really sensitive skin, it doesn’t need a daily exfoliation. No matter your face wash is mild or strong, it does affect your skin. Don’t Use them daily if you crave for a perfect clear skin.

    Now let’s move on to some simple steps that you can use from the day one! I am sharing some easy to use home made tips for clear skin – these are simple ways to give your skin an inner care. We will also be discussing some tips on how to have clear skin – home made remedies as an outer care.

    Avoid Junk and Spicy food – Those who just surf around internet in search of beautiful clear skin have may noticed this fact for millions of times that your skin needs inner care. Please don’t get annoyed this time again, because I am going to share the same fact again but I want to convince you! So read on! You know, If you are eating really oily, spicy foods every other day, this will definitely gonna reflect on to your skin, which further leads to pimples and awkward acne that never leave your face. Eating junk once in a week, would won’t harm your face, But please don’t make it a habit!

    Wash face with plain water for flawless skin  – Easiest tip to get clear flawless skin is to simply wash your face 4 to 5 times in a day. This is really helpful, for those having an oily or a combination skin. But underestimate the power of water, it can provide you the essential minerals to the dry skin also. So, I recommend you to wash your face with plain water. Just take handful of water and splash it on your face, do the same way for next 3 times and then make it dry with the use of towel, just tap it on your face, don’t rub.

    Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day – Normally, we can’t drink so much water, reason? either we get busy in doing our work, or we just forget to drink. Now, how can you make a habit of drinking at max 8 glasses of water a day? This is really simplest tip to get clear glowing skin. Go for a daily morning and evening walk, your body will automatically give you an alarm to drink water. Because, after coming from a jog or a brisk walk, you may fill a little low in energy, then to get back into form, water will definitely help you out. Obviously, sitting idle and doing nothing won’t make you feel to drink even 3 glasses. So, do something, so that you can feel thirsty at least!

    Do Exercise or Yoga to get clear fresh looking skin – Oh, are you lazy? Don’t want to attempt this step? Perhaps, you have to. C’mon, in today’s era, who don’t want to look graceful with beautiful and glowing skin? Every girl just dream about the same. I just wonder sometimes, if every thing is in front of, why can’t you attain them as a golden opportunity? Trust me, start with – go for walk for at least 30 mins, maintain this for 1 week, then slowly increase the time up to 45 mins. Then the next week, add little yoga or exercise in to your habit. Believe me! after getting into this, you won’t feel to get rid of it. It creates magic. And if you add this habit at your evening time, then Voila! what should I say more? You will feel lightest than ever before, and this will reflect on to your skin. You will get glowing beautiful skin.

    Green Tea – Every house has got this tea today! Really this is really a powerful antioxidant! Drink at least one cup a day. Avoid Soft drinks, coffee or regular tea. It will make you feel constipated and finally pimples will reflect on to your face!.

    So, by far, those above written tips deals with you inner skin care. If you just follow above steps, Trust me, you will find the change in just 2 weeks. At last you will be having a glowing clear and even-toned skin which comes naturally.

    Now, What to do to get clear skin? I am talking about outer skin care. Use these homemade remedies to get clear flawless skin in just 1 week! 

    • Apply tomato juice mixed with lemon juice directly on to your face and rub it for 15 mins, then wash it with normal water. This is suitable for all types of skin. You can apply it for lesser time, if lemon itches your skin.
    • Honey, this is the magical homemade remedy to get clear flawless skin in just 2 or days. You can apply it directly or mix it with oatmeal.
    • Soak rice whole night and grind into very tiny pieces (don’t make a paste), add honey and apply, let it dry for 5 to 6 mins, then rub it for 3 mins and wash with lukewarm water.
    • Chick pea flour mixed with turmeric powder and few drops of milk will clear you skin but won’t make it glow. I have a fair skin, personally after using it, my skin becomes little dusky. I avoided since then, You can try for once. If you have a combination or oily skin, then switch to curd instead of using milk.
    • This is the really good tip to get clear skin fast – Grate one radish and squeeze juice from it, mixed 2 spoons of with homemade butter half spoon and lemon juice-1 spoon. Trust me this is the magical tip to get clear skin. I have used it, though I have a combination skin type, but butter doesn’t harmed me as lemon drops were added into the paste. Must use this tip!
    • In my opinion, don’t use make ups every other day, even if you are a working girl. Go for, BB or CC creams available in market. They are really cheap to buy and will make your skin perfect than before. You can read their review from here – Garnier BB Cream. Make ups are meant for parties, Marriages, don’t ruin your skin by using them daily. These BB creams will give you a perfect clear looking skin in a week.
    • You can also apply egg yolk  on to your face. Apply it and rub it in circular motion. This is really good exfoliater and will make your skin glowing.
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