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Garnier BB Cream Review : Buy or Not? : Miracle Skin Perfecter

    Garnier BB Cream Review

    To all those, who think nothing suits on their face perfectly and they are just tired off experimenting so many creams, Here’s presenting you a miracle cream – Garnier BB Cream. Yes, a low budget cream that will resolve your problem in seconds. Are you a college going girl, and doesn’t know what to apply on your face? BB cream will solve your problem from this terrific terror. Of course college going girls doesn’t want to overdo much.

    Just apply some drops of oil-free Garnier bb cream on your face, blend them gently with your fingers on the cheeks going outwards. Trust me, the change you will see, just after applying this bb miracle skin perfect cream.

    It arrived into the market and created a much hearsay among every girl. But we are here to provide you an honest review about the product Garnier BB cream. First of all, yes, indeed it’s a brand name. But still many of us crave for the product range it has.

    My Personal Experience – I would recommend you to use it as a daily moisturizer, don’t expect it to be your only make up cream.

    Personally, I haven’t used any Garnier product before, but this BB cream is truly a magic. My skin is a mixture of oil content and dryness. Sometimes my skin seems to be so oily and sometimes it lead to absolute dryness whenever I apply any face wash. One tip here, no matter how oily your skin is, always moisturize it with good stuff and keep it hydrated every time. So, I used to mess around several products. I heard about Garnier BB Cream, and I went to buy this product too! So, here’s the result I have now become Garnier BB Cream fan!

    (Here’s a pic : Deepika Padukone endorsing Garnier BB Cream)

    Pros and Cons of using Garnier BB Cream – (NOTE – Don’t forget to read the final verdict, written below)

    • The liquid seems to be so thick, but it blends completely with the skin tone, that’s what we call the miracle!
    • Moisturize your skin completely.
    • Vitamin C and Almonds extracts added into Garnier BB Cream really helps to cover your scars. So applying this cream daily will definitely hide your scars and blemishes.
    • You will experience that your skin is becoming softer than before.
    • 18gm Garnier BB Cream has a price tag of 99 INR only! It really enough for almost a month. And it’s bigger pack contains 40gms for 199 INR only. Really a magic in such a cheap prize. It is quite affordable for college going girls, who can’t do so much make ups in routine.

    Now look at some of the cons that can con you!

    • It won’t work for dusky skin.
    • It does not sustain for longer. Applying once will no longer stay even for an hour. So, girls who love high coverage makeup, won’t going to love this product. Also, I would suggest this product just an evening out cream and that too works if you’re not going so far :D
    • You will definitely find that something has been stick to your skin. If accidently you touch your face with fingers, it will start appearing on your fingers. (Oops :D)
    • Although, the product says that it has UVA/UVB protection with SPF 24. But the truth is, it doesn’t help that much. What can you demand from such an affordable product of Garnier.
    • It comes only with one choice which is bronze colored BB Cream. Compared to MBBC (Maybelline BB Cream) which comes in two colors Beige and Bronze. So, Garnier restricts you to use one and only one mentioned color.

    Final Verdict : So here’s the verdict, whether to buy Garnier BB Cream or not? I would say hurry, go and buy it! The most important role of this cream that mineral extracts and almond in the cream helps you to clear your skin blemishes. So, if you use it as a daily moisturizer, then it will cure many problems, and make you ready forl high coverage make up. Purchasing such a nice product for just 99 INR is really a good deal.

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