Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs & Features – Updated News You Need To Follow

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs & Features – Updated News You Need To Follow

    Samsung Galaxy S5 is really going to be a game changer for Korean Company Samsung. We are encountering continuous updates about Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S5 specifications. If you look at the specifications of Galaxy S5, you will get to know what amazing experience their users going to have! Samsung Galaxy S5 has grabbed many speculations since the very first news came around August,2013. We are sharing with you an exclusive report of Samsung Galaxy S5 that includes specifications and various concepts adopted by many tech experts according to ongoing rumors. Apart from this, we will be covering Samsung S5 updated news that we think, you should need to follow. So, if you are in search that what specifications will Samsung Galaxy S5 going to have?, then you are at right place!

    Today, Samsung is the major smartphone vendor in India and other countries. With continuous efforts of experts, Samsung has achieved much fame and is number one smartphone among android phones. Samsung is not only the brand but a known quality today! The definition of Smartphone is equivalent to Samsung. Whenever some one plans to buy a Smartphone, a clear name comes into the mind that is Samsung indeed. No matter, people are mad for Apple iPhone or its products, but Samsung has proved itself for providing better for a price lesser than former. Samsung has taken every eye over their upcoming smartphones.

    Samsung Galaxy S5 has pulled many attention. Every other day, a new buzz arise about Galaxy S5. 2K displays, Iris-scanning technology, Exynos an in-house chipset, 4.4 Kitkat Android OS and much more! Design of Samsung S5 has also grabbed many rumors, calling that, it would be a bendable model, some said it to be curved, some said Galaxy S5 will be having a wrapped screen. This is really a mystery and yet to be revealed officially. We expect Samsung S5 release on MWC 2014 going to be held on February 24. These specifications were just a little grain in a heap of sand. Trust me, there is much more to know, you can’t even imagine. Let’s head to detailed view of Samsung Galaxy S5. In our next tour, you will get a more closer look on the design and amazing features of Samsung S5.

    Detailed Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S5 –

    Sounds good? We have tried to explain every single detail of Samsung Galaxy S5 here along with some latest news and rumors that are buzzing around us. Read this exclusive coverage.

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Display – The very first specification to be covered here is display and resolution. The premium smartphone of Samsung for the year 2014 has got much speculations over its display. Finest clarity is an obvious quality coming in Samsung S5. In a recent Annual Analyst Day, Samsung revealed that the company will work on Ultra High-Definition (UHD) 4K smartphones likely from 2015!. But for the coming year, company has planned to work with WQHD displays revealing the fact that Samsung S5 will have this display as it is arriving in 2014. So, Samsung S5 will feature WQHD 2560 x 1440 panel. Coming on the screen size of Samsung S5, which is not yet confirmed. Rumors took us to 5.3-inch screen size again. As 5.8 and 6.3 inch screen sizes are dedicated to Samsung’s mega series. Also, 5.3-inch screen is not yet set, as experts says this screen size would not offer great viewing angels when incorporated with 2560 x 1440 panel. The name of 2560×1440 WQHD is 2K displays in short and it will have the density over 560 ppi.

    Screen type of Samsung Galaxy S5 – It will use LCD screens instead of AMOLED. In a recent report, experts says that LCD screen will help Samsung to use metal body and LCD will perform better than AMOLED. So, this specification of Samsung S5 is indeed a first step for holding necessary speculations. Those who don’t go into the depth of technicality of gadgets, they just want to know apparent specifications of them. And in such case, display details comes first. According to latest buzz around, Samsung S5 is coming with flat screen, no bendable and curved screens can begin any hearsay.

    Processor of Samsung Galaxy S5 – After bundle of rumors coming from all tech giants, its seems like, Samsung has finally decided to run its upcoming flagship smartphone on 64-bit architecture. Before Samsung, Apple launched iPhone 5S with A7 processor equipped with 64-bit architecture. However, Samsung also revealed the news in the similar days, that the company is already working on 64-bit processors. And it has been confirmed through many Korean news leaksters and websites, that Samsung has completed working with 64-bit processors and soon be revealing their operation in upcoming phones. Hence Samsung Galaxy S5 can debut 64-bit Exynos processor chip. This is an in-house chipset by Samsung, that means Exynos has been evolved by Samsung itself. The octa-core configuration with Cortex-A53/A57 cores and all eight cores are capable of operating simultaneously. This CPU combination will produce less heat than before thus giving great performance. Multi-tasking will be improved because of the 8 cores, hence you can assume, how faster would Samsung Galaxy S5 going to perform! Well this was one of an indispensable specification of Samsung Galaxy S5, there is lot more to go! Every independent feature of Samsung S5 has got a detailed discussion and they further got nested number of features.

    Samsung Galaxy S5 runs on which OS? – The most asked question about Samsung S5 is OS. Till now many rumors took our expectations at higher peaks. Some said, Samsung S5 will run under Android 4.4 Kitkat and some said, Samsung is again ready to feature Tizen OS. But to break the ice, Samsung, somehow cleared that they gonna work with Kitkat 4.4 Android OS for their upcoming smartphone Galaxy S5. Well, it’s quite obvious, though S5 is featuring some amazing specifications, but embedding everything at one time not going to work for Samsung. If the company showcased everything at one time, it may lead to a downfall in the market. But that’s not Samsung’s strategy! They have stored many goodies in their magical box. You may had a news about Samsung Galaxy J, that has just been released for Taiwan on 13th Dec,2013. As you may watched the video, it emphasizes mainly on metal rear panel, hence giving a tag “Just Elegant”. Samsung is slowly sharing its gadgets with a wow factor to the World, we can’t underestimate its upcoming innovation and we can’t judge, what’s coming next by Samsung?

    Camera of Samsung Galaxy S5 – Those who doesn’t like to go in depth of technicality of any gadget, often see the basic specifications only. This includes Camera features, storage, design and look. Sometimes that’s the only reason, users buy such smartphones. But Samsung S5 have something to go beyond this! Individual specification of Samsung Galaxy S5 has got something unique to make you mad for it! Look at the camera specification of S5 now! It will feature 16 MP rear camera. Previous rumors said that S5 will feature 13 MP camera, but it’s almost confirmed now, that Samsung is featuring 16 MP. It will either be made by Sony, who is also responsible for giving camera sensor for Samsung Galaxy S4. Well, it’s also in rumors that Samsung LSI is working on their own ISOCELL Technology. Till now, it is available to 13 MP module only. S5K4H5YB is the model number of image sensor which will be the first coming with ISOCELL technology. The said sensor is 8MP one with 1.12μ ISOCELL pixel size. The company will start its production at the end of 2013, hence it has gave us a hint again, that Samsung is going to work with ISOCELL Technology. The below image will show you the difference of a BSI sensor and upcoming ISOCELL technology.

    The production has been increased by Samsung LSI to give tough competition to Sony. It is quite obvious to guess, that Samsung will going to work with its own mobile division. But it will be a quick decision for us to select an obvious option. To add a lovable factor into the Samsung S5, the company however may choose Sony again! Looking at the other way around, if Samsung is going to work with its own mobile division, then this would be helpful for the company to sell Galaxy S5 at lower price. But, can Samsung compromise quality for mere price? Not at all! Both the options are dominant, let’s see who win this battle anyway!

    RAM of Samsung S5 – The smartphone is promising faster and better performance and we should give the credit to RAM also! Samsung Galaxy S5 is featuring 64-bit Exynos processor, hence you can imagine, how fast it gonna work for multi-tasking. But there could be one more reason to define the term performance. Expected specification of Samsung S5 Galaxy’s RAM is 4 GB which was previously rumored as 3 GB. This will indeed be an awesome experience with powerful processor and RAM. Less power will be used, lesser heat evolved, hence best performance would be an end product. The very first and indispensable feature today every user demands is smartphone’s speed! Seems like Samsung S5 has taken care of every minute detail, no matter whether it is related to software/ hardware or even marketing strategies.

    Till now, Samsung has also featured cheap smartphones and tabs, also some enormous tagged gadgets, this is the time to wait for a truly premium smartphone!

    Other Amazing Features of Samsung Galaxy S5 –

    Here is one discussion over some other features of Samsung Galaxy S5 that are in rumors these days. There are some other jaw-dropping features embedded into Samsung S5 that making it just lovable smartphone of 2014! Metal rear panel? No, you already have encountered in Galaxy J! So, what’s new? Samsung is making continuous efforts to adorn Galaxy S5 with stupendous features.

    Iris – Technology in Samsung Galaxy S5 – The most ongoing talk about S5 is eye-scanning technology for security. Samsung S5 will work on iris-technology rather than on fingerprint. An eye sensor will be used to protect smartphone from thieves. That means, your smartphone is purely your slave! You are the master, no other can peep into your device until you want them to do so. Amazing? Yes! Samsung is working hard to embed iris-technology into Galaxy S5 to make it secure as well. According to latest news around, Samsung will be working on QHD displays along with Iris- Technology. Well there are lot more hidden specifications of Samsung S5 to die for! (image credits –

    Diamond Casing of Samsung S5 – The moment you read this, only one impression came out from you definitely, and that is “Really??”, Yes according to recent news we encountered, Samsung is going to use Diamond for metal case surface of smartphones! Samsung is testing a new technology namely as “diamond metal surface treatment” as per the reports of ET News, Korea. The idea behind this casing is to make it less vulnerable to scratches and deformations. This may remember you iPhone 5S, that used Gold panel on the rear side! What Samsung wants to do exactly? It came up with a Diamond idea? Can you imagine the cost now? Phew.. We can’t even think now! Well this is the rumor only, we have to see the game changer Samsung S5 at MWC 2014 now! Btw! That’s quite indigestible thing for us! isn’t it? But these all are just rumors!

    Samsung Galaxy S5 as Waterproof and shockproof – Seems like Samsung wants to add every unique feature of other smartphones into Galaxy S5. At one side, when it adds diamond casing (an idea taken from Apple’s gold plated iPhone 5S), on the other hand it has stolen Sony Xperia Z1 waterproof feature. But, you can say, this is a smart work by Samsung, that is putting every feature into one smartphone – Galaxy S5! According to a report, Samsung is working on waterproof bodies in order to increase durability.

    Multi-Video Conferencing – Last, but not the least, Samsung will debut, multi-video conferencing in Galaxy S5. Samsung has created an application that will help users to make group video calls. This will be possible through both the camera, i.e front and rear camera. Adding to this, users can see other callers at the bottom of screen. This looks equivalent to Google+ hangouts. This is however not confirmed that whether it will be a standalone feature in Samsung S5 or an improvement to existing messenger app!

    These were some of important specifications of Samsung Galaxy S5. We have covered almost everything related to Galaxy S5. But we can’t say, we are successful to carve every feature of Samsung S5, there is lot more speculations around. Still there are many news revolving about it. Stay Tuned, we will be covering every single detail,features and specifications of Samsung Galaxy S5.

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