When is WhatsApp Coming Back to Windows Phone ? – A high time to explain

    When is WhatsApp Coming Back to Windows Phone – A high time to explain

    A simple question is disturbing everyone’s mind that when is WhatsApp coming back to Windows phone? This is indeed a high time to explain. Microsoft and WhatsApp should start explaining the reason of removing the app from Windows phone as many people are so much frustrated with the service. Though only two weeks are passed but people’s outrage is burning high. People are searching reasons that why Whatsapp has been removed from Windows Phone. Many users are switched from Android and iOS supported handsets to WP. Many of them switched from iPhone to latest Windows Phone 8.1 service, but they are regretting for their decision. Users are throwing their frustrating comments on Microsoft and WhatsApp. People are blaming Microsoft for this cause but the fact is the company is not responsible for such deed. There is some technical issue for which both the companies had to take this decision of removing WhatsApp.

    WhatsApp is the leading chat messenger in the era of smartphones. It’s not just an app but an indispensable part of every smartphone. So, in such scenario getting hyper is a normal case. Lots and lots of people need answer on the removal of WhatsApp from Windows Phone Store. Microsoft and WhatsApp makers are not making statements on this issue. This is the biggest reason that has forced people to get angry. People are seeking advice or any kind of promises from the two companies. But Microsoft and WhatsApp are not sharing any word with their audience. They have to explain that what’s up with WhatsApp?

    Perhaps, if the two companies remain silent for this blunder they will lose their users for sure. However, an official announcement made by Microsoft in their community forum suggests that WhatsApp will come back to Windows Phone Store shortly. The official statement says – WhatsApp has temporary been removed from Windows Phone store due to technical issues. Microsoft is working closely with WhatsApp to resolve this problem and hopes to to return the app to the store. So, being an optimist, we think WhatsApp will soon be back on Windows Phone store as the word “Temporary” draw this fact. Well, there is no reason to think that WhatsApp will not make a comeback as Microsoft won’t make such a silly way for its own destruction. It’s quite simpler to think. But as the number of days is increasing we are losing our faith. This is a high time that the two companies have to explain the real cause of removal WhatsApp from Windows Phone store, else they should make a commitment or release a possible date that when WhatsApp can be available for download.

    Windows Phone users are making their upset comments on Microsoft Community (see the ongoing thread). Some said that they have sent many mails regarding the problem but didn’t get any answer yet. They hate company’s ignoring behavior. WP is the best platform when it comes to security. WP platform is always preferred over Android when security has been a main concern. But these technical issues can affect company’s relationships with their users. One of the moderator at Microsoft community explained that it’s not company’s fault. “Microsoft has no control over WhatsApp. Microsoft does not dictate to its developers that when apps should be up or down; WhatsApp is in control of its own destiny. To blame Microsoft for letting them take down their own app is madness.

    So, it’s an urge to every Windows Phone user to have patience. Microsoft and WhatsApp are working hard to make the app available on the store. They require your patience and trust. Watch this space for more information on when is WhatsApp coming back to Windows Phone?

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