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Tips To Cure Shoe Bite Marks – Home Made Remedies

    Tips To Cure Shoe Bite Marks – Home Made Remedies

    Girls do search a lot for the tips to cure shoe bite marks or a home made remedy to repair them as before. Perhaps, they couldn’t find a satisfactory answer from any where! Some times girls have to leave their favorite footwear because of this awkward shoe bites problem. And the more panic stage occurs when at last they leave their choice on regular footwear due to ugly shoe bite marks. So they kill their desire of dream shoes. You see gorgeous pair of bellies in a showroom, but your feet full of blisters and scars stops you entering into it. So, how to fight with these awful shoe bite scars/marks? Don’t you want, that your lover play with your awesome feet, adore and kiss them? Make them more beautiful than before by following below tips to get rid from shoe bite scars.

    Well, before answering this question, let’s find out what is the cause of Shoe bite?

    Buy Quality stuff! First of all, it’s all start with your shoes!. Yes, blame them! not your self. They are the one that making your beautiful and soft feet into ugly and awkward. Shoes are often made by hard sole material or you can say a cheap material, that lead to a complete disaster. We recommend you to simply avoid such stuff. Instead of relying on them, spend a little money more than the price you spend on your regular footwear and buy some quality stuff. Every girl have the right to take care of their feet. Isn’t it?

    Now, let’s move on to a second situation – Sensitive skin. It has been seen that even after switching to a good company based materials, shoe bite problem is still there. Reason – Girls have really sensitive skin! So girls, apply some drops of oil inside of your footwear, do wear stockings or cotton soaks. One more thing, girls do evening walk with a regular footwear, an ALERT!! here – Simply avoid them!!! this habit would not only make the structure of your feet bad but also add huge blisters which indeed takes time to heal.

    Obviously, no girl go for a walk with their bellies! They are wear at parties, offices or any other occasions. What I am trying to say is, such type of footwear are meant for short period of time hardly 3 or 4 hours and even if you are in your office hours, you’re not going to walk in the office, right?

    Now – How to cure Shoe bite marks/blisters. Write down some of the home made remedies to repair and heal shoe bite scars –

    • The first step to cure this problem is to go into the root of the problem. Here the root is your shoes. Apply drops of olive oil inside footwear for about 4 nights. Leave your footwear every night after applying this tip. This will soften your shoes from inside and finally your feet will get protected.
    • Boro Plus is an Indian antiseptic cream. if you’re not living in India, don’t worry, you can find it at any Indian grocery market there. Apply a layer of this cream daily on your affected area/wounds. Make a habit to apply this in the morning and at night before going for a sleep. This will surely help you to cure blisters due to shoe bite.
    • After taking bath, don’t forget to moisturize your feet with good moisturizer. In my opinion, go for a baby oil, olive oil, coconut oil. You can use any one of these three oils. These will definitely nourish your sensitive skin. I recommend you to use them always, even if you don’t have severe problem of Shoe bite.
    • Don’t take your shoes into the contact of water always (even if they are your regular shoes), this will make the material tight again that effect your feet with lots of blisters.
    • Turmeric + Neem paste – Trust me, this is really beneficial. What you need to do is, take some fresh leaves of Neem, churn them in blender with one spoon of turmeric powder and little water. If you have fresh turmeric, this will be even more effective. Apply this paste on to blisters/wounds or scars due to shoe bite.
    • Apply Petroleum jelly on your feet before wearing any new pair of shoes or footwear. This tip won’t gonna bite your feet.
    • Sesame oil + Honey – Apply mixture of honey and sesame oil on your affected area. Honey has a healing power, this tip really helps to soften your skin also.
    • Rice – Soak 3 to 4 table spoon of rice whole night in to water. Make its paste in the next morning and apply to the affected area. Let it dry for some time and then wash with lukewarm water.
    • Desi Ghee – This is pure butter, Indian women use to prepare at their homes. Apply them on the effective area.
    • Wear good quality of stockings – It is always recommended to wear stockings. Today, you can find variety of stockings in the market from nude color to sparky, stylish materials. You can wear nude stockings with your bellies or any other peep-toes. They are good enough to protect and prevent from shoe bite marks.
    • Lemon Juice – I don’t recommend to use on severe wounds or fresh blisters, but the lemon juice can only be used when the wounds are less prominent, i.e when you only want to erase scars (no blisters but their scars are there) Lemon juice has a healing power. Cut a lemon into half and apply on the scars that are not going.
    • Bandages and cotton balls are the primitive yet effective tip to cure shoe bite marks.
    • Timely wash your feet with little warm water mixed with mild shampoo, to avoid any dust. Do take care of your feet.

    NOTE – The above tips are need to be taken into consider every day. By that, we meant, you should use these remedies 4 to 5 times in a week. These were the mild tips for your sensitive skin. Don’t except to create wonder even if you’re using them occasionally. We highly recommend you to ask a Doctor better for quick relief. the above tips are home made remedies or the materials that are easily available into the market. If you want to get rid of such wounds immediately, then do consult a Doctor. He/She would definitely recommend such ointments that can cure shoe bite marks clearly.

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