Vodafone Smart 4G Leaked Specifications : Photos, Price

    Vodafone Smart 4G Leaked Specifications Photos, Price

    Here comes a 4G enabled Vodafone branded Smartphone with leaked specifications. The Smartphone has recently been seen in Italy. Phone revealing official account holder @evleaks has shown a glimpse of Vodafone Smart 4G smartphone, through Official Portuguese Vodafone Brochure. We expect 4G enabled vodafone smartphone to be come in a low amount. Nothing can be said over this release. We have to wait for the price of smartphone and its monthly 4G service.

    Well, it is expected that the monthly 4G internet plan would come as €5 per month on prepaid plans in Italy. We couldn’t figured out much, as this is a release in Italy just. UK is in the queue, so we need to wait for the plans of other countries. So, a good news is on your way. If you were waiting for 4th generation Internet power to come in a cheaper way, then wait a little more to enjoy this new Vodafone Smart 4G enabled smartphone soon in your country too. Vodafone Smart 4G can come out to be a low cost contract in UK.

    Expected Specifications of Vodafone Smart 4G –

    • Display – 4.5 inch, 960×540
    • Processor – 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon.
    • OS – Android 4.2 Jellybean
    • Camera – 8 MP camera
    • ROM- 8 GB
    • Internet – 4G enabled

    here is another pic taken from official @flapic twitter account.

    Every one are just wondered that Vodafone is really launching self made Smartphones with this 4G enabled service or is it a rebranded of Huawei or ZTE. Even some are guessing it to be Alcatel’s. So, nothing is as much clear as it should be. We couldn’t get much from the brochure introductory page. But it’s clear 4G enabled smartphone are soon hitting the markets.

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