Top Upcoming Phones 2014 : Smartphones With Latest Android Version (Kitkat 4.4)

    Top Upcoming Phones 2014 Smartphones With Latest Android Version (Kitkat 4.4)

    We all are waiting for those top upcoming phones that will show their presence in the year 2014. These are going to launch in New Year – 2014 may be in the beginning or in latter half. Many other smartphones are already in the queue for current year and some have just launched successfully. There is always an excitement to have a glance on future technologies. Companies are competing for bend, curved and flexible screen displays. LG, Samsung and Apple have already showed their patent images on the web. They have created a high buzz indeed. Smartphones, tablets are now going to come with latest android version which is Android Kitkat 4.4. People are so much busy in upgrading their smartphones to latest android version which is Android 4.4 Kitkat. An update for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been announced and every one is upgrading their devices.

    So, let’s welcome these smartphones that are going to launch on New Year! We hope that these smartphones will launch in the month of January 2014. Let’s see what happens! What do you expect from these upcoming smartphones of 2014? Some smartphones are coming with latest processor, in-house chipsets, some are with latest android version – these are some new year’s technologies. Every company has planned something really big for the year 2014! They are going to reveal these phones in 2014 with a full fledged new technologies.

    Now, move on to the list of top smartphones that are going to be launched in 2014.

    Phones Coming in 2014 by Samsung, Nokia – Latest in News

    So, what are those phones that are launching in the coming year 2014? What can be the expected specifications form the phones going to launch in 2014? What makes them different from their predecessors? What smartphones are latest in news? Let’s have a look!

    Samsung Galaxy S5 – How can Samsung leave its galaxy series? Here comes the first smartphone in the list of new launch smartphones of 2014. Android OS got the new version and so are the smartphones utilizing this. Although, there is nothing new in design or looks, but Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming with stunning features so as to stand out in market, well as usual! RGB Amoled screens with 560 ppi displays can be seen in upcoming Samsung’s galaxy series. Samsung’s own ISOCELL camera sensor tech has been announced by Samsung in a conference held in 2013. These sensors will be available in every model coming in 2014. The 8-megapixel ISOCELL sensors are already in testing phase and their variants can come in Jan or Feb of 2014. It will boost up image quality. Samsung Galaxy S5 will be water and dust resistant like Xperia Z1. Rumors are on the way that Galaxy S5 can debut 64-bit Exynos processor chip – An in-house chipset by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S5 will work on eye scanner technology. (An image from digitaljournal)

    Rumored Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S5 are –

    • 16MP camera which is higher than S4 which is 13 MP only.
    • Plastic casing as S4, with the faux leather ‘stitched’ effect like the Note 3
    • Android 4.4 Kitkat
    • 2.3GHz quad-core processor
    • 3GB of RAM (as Note 3)

    iPhone 6 – Apple has just launched two amazing iPhones – iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. They were launched in September 2013. Apple iPhone 5S sold out in India in less than 24 hours even with RCOM’s scheme. There was already lots of speculations on successor of iPhone 5. Which iPhone is going to be launched by Apple iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. iPhone 5S won the battle first. So, now everyone is waiting for Apple’s upcoming phone which is iPhone 6. Storage options are said to be same.

    Rumored Specifications of iPhone 6 are –

    • iOS 8
    • No Home Button
    • 13MP Camera
    • 4.9 inch display

    LG G Flex – The phone was expecting to release in November. But seems like that postponed. Curved screen displays are the future of smartphones. LG in October, released this news that G-Flex will be an upcoming phone of 2014. Every one is just curious about this new design. Rumors that LG has also passed flexible OLED display patents. What else will change with this new design is the story all about!. We can see this smartphone before New Year. But these all are rumors, nothing is authentic yet about the launch of Lg G Flex. According to the latest news LG G Flex has self healing capabilities. In a recent experiment, the back panel of G flex was scratched by a knife, and within minutes it healed itself, no matter some slight scars were also present. The price of Lg G Flex is going to be around Rs. 59,000. However, G flex was released in October, but still many countries are waiting for its availability.

    Rumored Specifications of LG G Flex are –

    • 6-inch screen display, 720×1280 pixels.
    • 2.26 GHz processor.
    • Android 4.2.2
    • 13MP camera, 2.1 MP front facing Camera.
    • 2 GB RAM.
    • Battery capacity – 3500mAH

    Samsung Galaxy F – In the race of smartphones, Samsung released its smartwatches and phablets, tablets. And many more still lined up. But no one can beat Samsung’s galaxy series. Samsung Galaxy F is in the list of upcoming phones with latest android OS. It is being said that, Samsung is going to imitate iPhone and HTC One for premium aluminium casing. 16 MP camera would be same as expected for S5. Nothing has been heard for this phone yet apart from the metallic casing.

    HTC M8 – HTC is going to launch its new flagship with the codename M8. HTC M8 going to come with slim wraparound metallic body. M8 is an upcoming smartphone of HTC in 2014. HTC M8 is coming with latest android version Kitkat 4.4.

    Rumored Specifications of HTC M8 are –

    • 5-inch screen display, 2K resolution of 2048 × 1080 pixels.
    • 2.2 GHz 800 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.
    • Android 4.4 Kitkat.
    • 3 GB RAM.
    • Powerful camera that even take 3D snapshots.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Companies like Nokia and Samsung has released their phablets successfully. At the same time Samsung is working on Note series. Many speculations are over Note 4 after Note 3. Galaxy Note 4 an upcoming phone of 2014 is going to have 8 core processor. Aluminium premium body. True wireless charging are some of the stunning feature of Note 4. And yes, 16Mp Camera is confirmed too. Also, rumors are if eye scanner technology won’t get any successful implementation on time, then this idea will pass to Galaxy S6.Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been added into upcoming android phones list for the year 2014.

    Nokia Lumia 1820 – Nokia’s upcoming phone in lumia series for the year 2014 is Lumia 1820, a camera centric smartphone. The smartphone has Lytro Style camera that can change the focus after they have clicked a photograph. Lumia 1820 will run on windows 8.1. Rumored specifications of Nokia Lumia 1820 are powerful processor, Full HD display, Microsoft’s Siri-like personal assistant Cortana built-in.

    Sony Xperia Z2 Avatar – Sony has already showed its huge presence via stunning camera technology. It is slowly grabbing the attention of market through display features also. Xperia Z1 was a huge hit because of its waterproof technology that can record HD videos when submerged completely in water. Xperia Z2 Avatar going to have 506 ppi resolution which is just doubled than their predecessors. It promises smoother screen orientation transition, wider global coverage and network compatibility. Sony’s upcoming phone for 2014 is going to be a huge hit in terms of display.

    Rumored Specifications of Sony Xperia Z2 Avatar are –

    • Android 4.4 Kitkat
    • 3 GB RAM
    • Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor.
    • 20.7 MP camera equipped with a Xenon flash.

    Blackberry Z50 – Here comes a smartphone from Blackerry which is ready to release in 2014. Z50 is a successor to Z30 and Z10. It will work under quad-core processor with 5.2-inches screen size. It will be a full HD experience with 1080×1920 pixels resolution. The smartphone is set to release in later half of the year 2014. Nothing new specifications of Z50 has been heard till now. But the next smartphone from blackberry which is Q30 model is releasing a little earlier than it. Have a look at the next phone coming in 2014.

    Blackberry Q30 – Qwerty keypads once again! Those who were waiting for any new blackberry’s model can now expect their smartphone to come. Blackberry Q30 is said to release in latter part of 2014 year. Easy to type in keyboard. Fast in speed, good performance are some of the obvious features of Blackberry Q30. It is expected to arrive in second quarter of 2014.

    Rumored Specifications of Blackberry Q30 are –

    • 2.3GHz processor.
    • 3 GB RAM.
    • Run on latest Blackberry’s OS.
    • 4-inch touchscreen.

    HTC Butterfly 2 – Here comes HTC Butterfly an upcoming phone of 2014 smartphone series. Ultra pixel camera, super sound sterio speakers are some of the stunning features equipped in it. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor. 5.2 inch full HD display. Said to be waterproof smartphone. HTC Butterfly 2 promises big display and new colors. HTC Butterfly display leak was revealed by ctechcn, a chinese source. This is an upcoming phone in 2014 and successor of HTC One.

    • 5.2-inch 1080p display
    • Quad core Snapdragon 800 processor.
    • UltraPixel camera and BoomSound front-facing stereo speakers.

    Huawei Glory 4 – runs on octa-core processor. 4.7 inch display. This phone is said to be inexpensive but still functional android handset. The phone is going to come under 10,000 (in budget). It’s release is coming in December, but we will see availability from January 2014.

    Rumored Specifications of Huawei Glory 4 are –

    • 8 core MT6592 processor.
    • 4.7 inch HD display.
    • 1 GB RAM.
    • 8-MP Camera.
    • Huawei’s Emotion 2.0 UI.

    Merrified Smartphone by Intel – Intel has recently revealed its upcoming smartphone that will work under merrified processor. It promises integrated sensor hub. The smartphone promises in reduction in consumption of power through an entirely new atom architecture. A 4 inch display is in the news. So, what else can we expect from Intel’s bucket? well, yet to know!

    So these were some of upcoming phones coming in 2014. Some smartphones are coming with android’s latest version Kitkat 4.4 in the year 2014 and some are with their in-house processors. Plan your budget for the year 2014. Whether you are Samsung lover or Apple or Nokia, every gadget company is making something really good for you with new innovations and ideas.

    Samsung Galaxy Lite – Here’s one more name added in the list of upcoming smartphones in 2014. Samsung is currently working on its another model namely as Galaxy Grand Lite. The phone is expected to release in Mobile World Congress Event February 2014. The smartphone is a successor to Samsung’s Galaxy Grand series. Samsung is going to release Galaxy Grand 2 officially in December 2013 around Christmas. But the smartphone Galaxy Lite has been set between Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Grand 2, which means the specifications are lower than Grand 2 but may be great than Galaxy Grand. Samsung Galaxy Grand Lite will be available in white, midnight black, lime green and in orange colors.

    Expected Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Lite coming in 2014-

    • 5-inch WVGA resolution screen.
    • 4.3 Jellybean Android OS (expected).
    • 5 MP rear camera and VGA in front.
    • 1.2GHz quad-core processor.
    • 1GB RAM
    • 8GB internal memory storage (with Micro SD card support)
    • 2100mAh battery.

    Motorola’s Customizable Phones 2014 or also known with Motorola’s Modular Phones namely – Yes, you heard it right Motorola is working on a new project namely as Project Ara, where it will be developing customizable phones. Every smartphone making company is going to announce their own flagship mobiles in the year 2014. Motorola also seeks its future in Project Ara where they will be aiming at smartphones with customizable hardware. This idea soon be converted to modular phones as the company tied up with 3D systems, an integrated solutions provider.

    The aim of Motorola’s project Ara is to create smartphones whose individual components can be upgraded easily. So users can now easily replace older component with newer one. This is the unique thing going to be implemented in Motorola’s upcoming phones of 2014! So, you can now spare your self from buying a new smartphone again and again after few months. In an recent interview on Google’s Hangout Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside said about their first Project Ara prototype that “it is pretty close, the idea is you have a skeleton that holds together a set of components and the components slide in and out. If we have the interfaces and the protocols that enable the speaker to speak directly to the CPU then this would all be possible.” Sounds interesting! isn’t it? Well Motorola also fixed its place in the list of upcoming phones of 2014 with their innovation of modular phones!

    Oppo Find 7 – How can Oppo lag behind in the league of upcoming android phones of 2014? Yes, Oppo is also working for its next flagship smartphone namely as Oppo Find 7. According to reports by experts, Oppo Find 7 could be the World’s fastest smartphone of 2014 as it boast the latest Snapdragon 805 chipset with quad-core CPU processor clocked at 2.5GHz and 3GB of RAM. With the list of huge branded smartphones coming in 2014, Oppo made its place too by announcing Oppo Find 7! Also, captivating feature of Oppo Find 7 is larger screen of about 5.7” size. The 2560 x 1440 resolution in Find 7 also making it different from other upcoming phones of 2014 like Samsung, Motorola or Nokia. Also, Oppo’s Find 7 will be first 4G LTE enabled device. So, if all these specifications are true, then you can imagine how Oppo Find 7 is the strongest contender among Android phones coming in 2014! Oppo Find 7 will also be having 2K display as Samsung Galaxy S5 confirmed at twitter.

    Nokia Upcoming Phone RM 977 in 2014 – Here comes another smartphone in the list of upcoming Nokia Phones 2014. This is indeed a mystery by Nokia company. Few days back, Nokia sent its new flagship phone to India featuring dual SIM functionality namely as RM-977. The smartphone has 4.5-inches screen. However, nothing can be said, as the leaked documents points to testing and evolution only. We think, Nokia is not only releasing a new smartphone in 2014 but also giving a cheaper smartphone for around Rs. 8,000. Well, the phone has just came to Zauba – an organization handling the import of tech into India and nothing else has been leaked apart from display and dual-SIM option details. Rumors about this phone indicating it to be Nokia’s MoneyPenny. So, Nokia once again made its position into the phones coming in 2014. (You can see the document below taken from gsmarena – an Indian Tech Website)

    Samsung’s Smartphone with Tizen OS – Besides, Samsung’s upcoming phone of 2014 – Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung is also working on some other projects too! Samsung doesn’t want to loose their position in the coming market of 2014. So, its place is fixed for the new year 2014 by giving back to back hit!. Samsung has recently announced that they will soon be working with new OS which is Tizen OS. Samsung’s smartphones runs on Android OS but Samsung company want to grow more through their own OS. Samsung has noted tremendous success of Apple as they are working with their own OS. Apple with iOS. Samsung is planning to build smartphones with their new OS which is a linux based OS. To make use of OS in their smartphones, Samsung first announced a Tizen App Challenge, an opportunity for the developers to make several apps through the use of Tizen OS. The winner will be rewarded $4 million for delivering best app using Tizen OS. For now, registrations are close and results will be announced in 2014! Samsung’s new smartphone with Tizen OS will surely be a big hit and make its market share more profitable than before. we, think this is one of the best upcoming phone of Samsung in 2014. Where at one side, Samsung’s smartphone is coming with an in-house chipset other is coming up with Tizen’s OS in 2014.

    In a recent report, Samsung has leaked Tizen’s UI snapshots confirming the news that Samsung is ready to launch its first Smartphone with Linux based OS. Before this report, Samsung also leaked a benchmark confirming that it is working with Tizen’s version 3.0 for its new flagship smartphones. Tizen 3.0 would may support 64-bit processors including Intel x86 architecture and ARM chips. However this leaked UI snapshot reveal many pre loaded apps. Get ready for more upcoming Samsung Phones 2014.

    Read more about Samsung Working with Tizen OS.

    Amazon to launch Kindle Smartphones in first quarter of 2014 – Seems like every gadget company is working on next generation smartphones. Here comes Amazon’s smartphone which is set to launch for new year, 2014. According to some rumors, Amazon is planning to manufacture Compact Camera Modules (CCMs) for smartphones thus making a new blazing innovation in the world of smartphones coming in 2014. Amazon’s smartphones are going to work on floating touch technology. You can then interact with the display without touching it. According to a report, Primax Electronics will equip six CCMs for sensing on Amazon Kindle smartphones. You also have heard about the two smartphones coming in 2014 by Amazon, one being cheaper and integrating software similar to Kindle Fire tablets, and other featuring 3D UI (but this phone is not ready for next year). An amazing part is, upcoming phone will contain 4 cameras each placed at 4 corners of front panel, thus giving a parallax effect.

    Nokia’s Moneypenny (Lumia 630 or 635) – Here comes another smartphone in the list of upcoming Nokia Phones 2014! The recent news says the handset codenamed can be either Lumia 630 or 635. Nokia’s Moneypenny would be the first dual-sim smartphone with windows phone 8.1 (windows phone Blue)

    The phone may release at Mobile World Congress 2014 along with many other upcoming phones listed here.

    Nokia Normandy – Here comes the first Nokia’s Android smartphone which is set to release in 2014! Can’t digest? well, you have to! According to ongoing rumors and news, Nokia is working on its first Android phone and ready to release it in 2014 at MWC. Nokia Normandy will be the low cost android phone coming in 2014. Where Samsung is moving to Tizen OS for their new smartphones, Nokia is coming in the world of Android OS. Nokia Normandy will work under heavy version of Android OS, which you may have encountered in Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Well we need to see how these Nokia’s codenames gonna work in future!

    Don’t you think, competition is going higher? Every smartphone making company is working hard to grab attention of everyone with their new flagships. Stay tuned for more other upcoming Nokia Phones 2014.

    We are continuously updating our post – upcoming phones of 2014. Stay tuned for more such smartphones. It will be just awesome to witness such smartphones in 2014 equipped with innovative technologies. Really every phone coming in 2014 have something new to reveal for their users. Also you can visit this post – Smartphones launching at world’s biggest mobile event. that will give you a hint that what smartphones are releasing in 2014.

    Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 :- This is the second generation of Camera which Samsung is going to showoff at CES 2014. You can find more about this upcoming Smart camera Here.

    Apple iPhone 6C :- Please note that this is a expected upcoming device from Apple, we know the Apple just released a budget version of iPhone 5 and that was Apple iPhone 5C, So in the upcoming months just after the launch of Apple iPhone 6, We should expect an Apple iPhone 6C in a real budget price. We, will be keep updating this post once we get any information about the smartphone.

    These were some of the upcoming smartphones of 2014. Some are equipped with new processor, some promises involvement of new OS. New technologies with power packed features is what stored into the bag of coming year 2014.

    If you are done with these android phones – Have a look at fresh list of upcoming windows Phones 2014.

    Upcoming Android Phones – 2014 – In India

    Samsung Galaxy S5 is upcoming android phone for the year 2014. As we read, it’s going to launch new chipset for upcoming smartphones. Latest android version equipped with new processor will going to be a great hit in 2014 market. Second phone in the list of android phones launching in 2014 is HTC M8. The best part of this smartphone is the resolution which is 2K resolution of 2048 × 1080 pixels. 3 GB RAM. Next is Xperia Z2 Avatar which has 20.7 MP camera equipped with a Xenon flash. Sony Xperia series is known for camera features. This time every body is eagerly waiting for display features. 506 ppi resolution is what grabbing attention by every one. Samsung Galaxy F is also an upcoming android phone for the year 2014, but nothing has been in news about this smartphone. the only thing we heard is Metal Galaxy F could be Samsung’s new flagship in the coming year 2014. These were some of upcoming android phones for the year 2014 in India.

    So, what’s your favorite smartphone for New Year? Every company is promising new technologies equipped in their smartphones. Enjoy reading Top upcoming phones in 2014 (India).

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