Upcoming Tablets 2014 in India with Android, Windows & iOS – Specifications

    Upcoming Tablets 2014 in India with Android, Windows & iOS – Specifications

    You might be waiting for the list of some exciting upcoming tablets for the year 2014, those with Android, Windows and iOS as their operating system. There are so many speculations for phones coming in 2014. What’s coming in 2014?, what latest technology will become a trend for the year 2014 are some obvious questions asked by everyone. In the league of upcoming gadgets, tablets have made an eye-opening entrance too. No matter, companies are announcing their upcoming smartphones, but they haven’t stopped working on tablets. They are ready to introduce tablets for the year 2014 in India and other countries. Every one wants to see a speck of those upcoming tablets that gonna run on android or windows OS. We have tried to enlist some upcoming Android, Windows and iOS tablets 2014.

    New Year (2014) resolutions are really important for any gadgets making company. They can’t stagnate at one point; in such case there are high chances that they gonna loose their market position in just one jerk! That’s obvious! Those companies who have made their strong position in the market, don’t want to wander again in down streets! Today, Chinese Phones once again proved themselves that they have an ability to provide more for less in a better quality. Companies are working so hard to create something new through their smartphones and with their upcoming tablets. So, what exactly has been stored in our 2014 Tablets? Let’s have a look!

    List Of Upcoming Android Tablets 2014 by Samsung, Google, Asus-

    We will be covering all other upcoming tablets for the year 2014, but first have a look at upcoming tablets with Android OS. When we talk about Android OS, a name comes suddenly in our mind! and that obvious name is Samsung indeed! Hey! can you forget Google’s Nexus tablets for the same reason? Never! So, let’s have a look at Google and Samsung tablets 2014.

    Samsung Upcoming tablets 2014 –

    Samsung Galaxy Note Pro – Do you really think that Samsung is just concentrating on Galaxy S5 and grabbing every eye on it? No, you are wrong! No doubt, you may listen to rumors related to Samsung’s S5 every other day. But there are equal speculations for Samsung’s upcoming tablets that are set to release in 2014. Samsung’s 12.2-inch screen tablet was getting so many attention since its first leaked news. Specifications and benchmarks information is now available online. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is going to be unveiled at MWC 2014 along with some other upcoming tablets. It will be coming in 2 variants i.e Wi-Fi with model number SM-P900 and LTE with SM-P905 variants. As per on going rumors, we got the news about Samsung’s upcoming 4G variant tablet which has 12.2 inch screen with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels and 16:10 aspect ratio. 8 MP rear camera sports 1080 full HD video recording. The most amazing part is Samsung Galaxy Note Pro will run on 4.4.2 Android Kitkat with a new iteration of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI layer on top.

    Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note Pro –

    • Display – 12.2-inch display with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels.
    • Processor – 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor and Adreno 330 GPU.
    • OS – Android Kitkat OS.
    • RAM – 3GB RAM.
    • Camera – 8MP rear camera that supports Full HD 1080p video capture & a 2.1MP front facing camera for video calls.

    Samsung’s 13.3 inch Android and Windows dual boot tablet – Samsung is launching this tablet soon that will blow off your mind. This is indeed a challenge to other upcoming tablets from different companies. ATIV Q dual-booting Android/Windows laptop/tablet is going to available in 2014. This upcoming tablet of Samsung is said to have 13.3 inch screen high resolution display along with high end features. Well, this news sounds great, but a bad news! Samsung has cancelled this product for now. So, if you are thinking that we mentioned it here?; Our aim is to present the list of upcoming tablets that are expecting their release in 2014. Samsung can plan to release this tablet at the end of 2014. As you may have heard many rumors about the same from June,2013. If all goes well, Samsung will unveil this tablet with Android OS and Windows 8 OS, (Android OS version may depend with on going trend)

    Google’s Upcoming Tablets 2014 –

    Google’s Nexus 8 (LG) – Upcoming Google’s tablet is going to be manufactured by LG. You may have spotted a news leaked on 8th Dec,2013 with the headline “LG V510 tablet is indeed a Nexus device” by evleaks. And if sources are correct, Nexus Tablets by LG going to be unveiled at CES 2014 which is coming next week. According to the service manual leaked, LG V510 is going to have 8.3 inch display with 1920 x 1200 pixels. Get more about this LG V510 – Google’s Nexus 8.

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    Specifications of Google Nexus 8 by LG – (LG V510) – We don’t know about the processor specification for Nexus 8. We have mentioned according to news.

    • Display – 8.3 inch display with 1920 x 1200 pixels.
    • OS – Android 4.4 Kitkat.
    • RAM – 1GB of RAM.
    • Camera – 5MP rear camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera.
    • Storage – two variants 16 GB and 32 GB.

    Google Nexus 10 2 by ASUS – Well, this is still not confirmed that whether Google’s upcoming tablet Nexus 8 gonna made by ASUS or LG? Many tech giants are mentioning it to be an LG product, some mentioned it to be ASUS. We have tried to arrange some of expected specifications of Nexus 10 2. This upcoming tablet of Google may arrive at CES 2014.

    Specifications of Google Nexus 10 2 by Asus –

    • Display – 10.4-inch screen display with 2,560 x 1,600 pixel resolution.
    • OS – Android 4.4 Kitkat.
    • Processor – Tegra 4 chip processor or a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset; Adreno 330 GPU.
    • RAM – 1GB of RAM.
    • Camera – 8 MP rear camera.
    • Battery – 4,600 mAh battery.
    • Storage – two variants 16 GB and 32 GB.

    Nokia Upcoming Tablets 2014 –

    Nokia Lumia 2020 Tablet set to launch for Q1 2014 – Many speculations have also trapped Nokia. It has been in rumors from long ago that Nokia is going to unveil its 2014 tablets namely as 2020 and 2520. However, 2520 is now available online in India. Lumia 2020 has to wait till MWC 2014. The most notable Lumia Tablet of 2014 – 2020 is going to be released with windows 8.1 phone 1820. There are many expectations with Lumia 1820 windows phone that may going to run on windows 8.1 (blue) OS. Nokia Lumia’s 2014 tablet 2020 is also named as “Illusionist”, it was revealed by the top tipster evleaks. Illusionist aka Lumia 2020 will be powered by a Qualcomm processor and run Windows RT 8.1 as 2520 that was released in October. Nokia Lumia will get unveiled on World’s biggest mobile event 2014 along with two more phablets Nokia 1320 and Nokia 1520.

    Apple’s Upcoming Tablets 2014 –

    Apple iPad Pro – Since, you got the news about Samsung Note Pro, you automatically had a clue that similar idea has been picked from Apple! Right? Well, obviously! iPad Pro is going to change current Laptop-PC trend with a great extent. Apple is preparing a large tablet for the year 2014. The screen size is said to be 12.9” as compared to Samsung which has 12.2” display. Source reveals that iPad Pro can be a hybrid tablet. It may be powered by A8 chip. Apple has challenged the market that iPad Pro will redefine laptop computing. According to rumors, it will be thinner and lighter than the current MacBook Airs.

    So, these were some of the 2014 tablets that will be showcases either at CES 2014 or MWC 2014. We have tried to cover every single detail of these upcoming tablets of the year 2014. Continuous rumors or news may change the alleged specifications of above tablets. You are welcome to let us know about any changes. Thanks for reading upcoming tablets 2014 in India from Android, Windows and iOS.

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