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    There are many great aspects to being a blogger. Of course it means that you get to work for yourself and set your own working hours, and right away that’s highly liberating and freeing. No more working with a boss breathing over your shoulder or scary deadlines to meet. Then there’s the sense of achievement that you get from creating something successful, and from writing about something you care about and being heard. What happens if you get addicted to your own blog? As far as I am aware there is no Bloggers Anonymous network so let’s see how you can sort this out on your own. We can definitely tell you what professional phone answering is doing for bloggers today, however. Here’s how aggressive bloggers who’re monetizing their blog are making use of virtual assistants.

    Helps Boost Content Call To Action

    We have covered quite a few blogs to assist your business in creating content for you website that will in enhance your SEO. Content is one of the best SEO tools that you can use to increase your visibility on search engines. In our previous blogs we covered preparing to write your content through research and knowing your audience and our last blog covered building credibility. However, for the aggressive blogger, having awesome content and someone taking phone calls definitely boosts your earnings potential, hence the professional answering services.

    VA’s Are In Blogger ‘Toolboxes’

    You should be able to find many things inside your SEO toolbox; a screwdriver of a strategy that slowly turns your screws of unique content, a spanner to tighten up copy and title tags on your site, but never a crowbar. This tool is mainly used to squeeze keywords that stick out like a sore thumb into content that is then distributed around the web but, whilst this might help you gain a few links on minor sights, the big boys will spot you a mile off. Virtual assistants take the telephone answering portion of business off the shoulders of the blogger.

    Phone Answering Separates Job Candidates

    A multinational company is an organization that provides its products and services in more than one country and is established globally. The globalization and the geographical diversification are pushing companies towards change in their management structure and style. Multinationals now need to consider regional market conditions and develop strategies to cater to each of the regional markets. This is the reason why joining a multinational company is important for most professionals since the organization is well-established and well-dispersed.

    Many visit the blogs of these companies to find information but most visit their websites to find job opportunities. These multinationals update their websites regularly to post available vacancies. Some websites also facilitate the candidate to submit their resumes to them directly through the website which, in turn, a professional phone answering service can go through the candidates and cut down on time. In this case, virtual assistants take the load off the blog owner.


    If you have just started an online business, you will have already realized just how heavy the competition really is. Within every single niche, there are 1000s of different companies, all competing for the same real estate. This has meant that over the last few years, price wars have erupted. Most business owners will assume that if they are not the cheapest, or if they don’t price match, they are going to be losing out to the competition. Actually, this is not true. Virtual assistants can assist business with huge blogs to uphold their reputation without an issue. If you have an aggressive blog, perhaps hire the services of professional phone answering gurus.

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