Micromax mAd A94 : How To Get Paid By Watching Ads – Easy Steps

    Micromax mAd A94

    Since Indian Smartphone making company Micromax has announced the news of getting paid from Micromax mAd A94 by merely watching ads, every one just eagerly waiting for its official launch. Everyone wanted to know how Micromax will help their users to get paid for watching advertisements from the new android smartphone Micromax mAd A94. Micromax unveiled about their smartphone by creating banners “Mad About Ads?” that says, if you are mad about ads, then this smartphone will definitely help you out! Those who stuck with new advertisements and like to watch them can now make the real money! Amazing? Yes, sounds interesting enough! But the question is How?

    How Micromax mAd A94 will help users to earn money by just watching ads? Here is a quick view to sort out this problem.

    How to make Free Recharge With Micromax mAd A94 by watching Ads? – Quick Guide

    In our previous article we introduced specifications of mAd A94 that is powered by quad core processor, 4.5 inch screen, 1 GB RAM in just an affordable price which is Rs.8,490 only! But this is not an end! Micromax has brought something else also! We think the main USP of Mad A94 would be their new funda! which is “Mad About Ad” campaign. If you were searching a lot on how to get free recharge through Mad A94 smartphone (mad about ads scheme), then you are at the right place! According to this scheme, you will get paid for every advertisement you watch. This can be possible by an in-built app which is available in Micromax mAd A94. Since app is already available in Micromax mAd A94, you just need to register yourself on this app. For every correct guessed ad, you will get a free recharge from Mad A94 mad about ads scheme. After registering with mAd about ads app, you will be navigated to a new interface that describes a step by step process of getting paid by watching ads. Every time you watched an ad, real money will be credited either to your prepaid account or postpaid account (depends which account you use). That was a summarized view.

    However, we have complied a step by step guide for your help. These are the 5 easy steps to earn money or get a free recharge from Micromax Mad About Ads Campaign –

    1. Launch – As an image depicts above, you need to launch the app first, that has 4 steps further as DIAL, View, EARN and WIN.
    2. DIAL – Register your 10-digit contact number along with type of account, operator, gender and DOB with this app.
    3. Confirmation – After registration, it will take you to next step, that says Paid Call option. Accept the terms and condition and proceed.
    4. View – In next step, watch the ads shown to and proceed to make the call, advertisements will get updated manually or automatically.
    5. Win Free Recharge by watching ads! – With every successful call made after watching ads, you collect points. These points then redeemed in this last step in the form of recharge money. you can do it on your type of account – prepaid or postpaid,

    Get Paid to Watch Ads – Mad features.

    We have to see, whether Micromax get a green signal from its users? Or will users like this app? Well, this is all about marketing strategy of Micromax. In such case, Micromax has to come up with beyond expectations. As Micromax also unveiled their much awaited octa-core smartphone A350 or Canvas 5 with a big bang! A lot more expectations are also stuck with mAd A94. We need to see whether this new technique of getting paid by watching ads will work or not? If you have just made a cloud in your mind, that “what if I will be having nil balance in my account, Will Mad About ads app help me out in such case?”. We really don’t know about this perhaps. This must have discussed in Mad about ads Terms & Conditions.

    However if you go to official website of Micromax, they have opened a contest to guess the ads!! You just need to watch the video and you will earn points for the same. The scheme claims that users can win Micromax mAd A94 by guessing ads simply. We think, the same procedure is applicable with the smartphone itself. That app will work in the similar way as they have been depicted on their website. Perhaps, I couldn’t guess it right. :P Here is a snippet, how it looks.

    Above image shows – you need to guess the ad, and for every correct ad there is a score described along with the ad featured. if your guess is right, you will get the score as described above.


    This is just an initial review to spread the knowledge that How to get paid with Micromax mAd About ads campaign. We will update this post as we explore more about this scheme. Tell us whether, this step by step guide to earn money by watching ads helped you or not?

    Stay tuned, and tell us how Micromax mAd A94 paid you by watching advertisements?

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