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What Are The Uses Of Mini Glass Gems?

    What Are The Uses Of Mini Glass Gems

    Glass gems are one of the most popular choices of many people nowadays for decorative crafts and also to fill clear and translucent vases. There are many florists who now use glass gems in their vases to add vibrant colors and enhance the looks of the ordinary looking glass vase or translucent vase. You will be able to increase the looks of an ordinary container by adding varied colored glass gems in them.

    Where Glass Gens Are Used?

    It is not a difficult task to fill the glass vases or the translucent flower vases with the glass gems. As most of the gems come in the shape of round or oval or flattened, they will be able to easily fill in the vessels without much difficulty. This is the reason why people prefer to go for mini glass gems of 12 to 14 mm in size for the small vases. Even tall and long cylinders are now filled with these glass gems of various colors and shapes to use as a center piece of attraction in living rooms, bedrooms as well as dining tables. You need to buy these vase gems depending on the size of the container and the amount of coverage that you are planning. You can either use the gems to cover the entire cylinder vase or can even fill the gems up to three- fourth of the cylinder or even just half of the cylinder.

    Why Glass Gems?

    One of the most commonly used materials to make vase gems is glass. As glass is non-porous and comes in varied colors and can be molded to any shape, they are most preferred when it comes to use in decorative crafts and also as vase gems. The glass gems can be easily cleaned and maintained and will not break that easily once it is placed in a vase or a cylinder or a vessel. The best part is that they come in varied colors and using a combination of different colors in a vase depending on one’s imagination can really spruce up the entire room it is placed. You need to look for popular online sites like Wholesalers USA to buy glass gems of various colors and high quality.

    Use As Vase Gems

    The glass gems are perfect to use as vase gems as they offer different functions.

    • They can turn out to be the most attractive decorative piece of the vase.
    • They can be used to fill the bottom layer of the vase for floral arrangement and can help in anchoring greenery and flower stems.

    Filling Glass Vases

    It is ideal for you to first fill a decorative flower arrangement vase with glass gems at the bottom. Only after the gems are in place should you use water to fill the vase to the half level. Then, you need to add flowers and greenery. After everything is in place, you can add in some more water to complete the flower arrangement. Looking to buy high quality medium sized glass gems?

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