BSNL Smartphones Penta Smart PS501 & PS650 – Specifications & Reviews (Buy Or Not?)

    BSNL Smartphones Penta Smart PS501 & PS65

    BSNL has launched two smartphones with the collaboration with Pental Technologies – these are Penta Smart PS501 & PS650, We are heading to the specifications and some expert reviews No doubt, there are renowned brands in the market that are clearly working on upcoming technologies. But today’s competition is about affordability and that too encapsulated with excellent features! So, that’s an ongoing idea for every smartphone making company today. With the race of emerging technologies and gadgets, every company wants to grow with an unique feature! Thus, keeping this fact in mind, Pantel Technologies have made their debut in the are of Smartphones! Two smartphones by BSNL – Penta Smart PS501 & PS650 has just been launched in Indian market.

    Both Penta Smart PS501 and PS650 are android smartphones launched in November 2013, provides exclusive features and has excellent specifications. People who were waiting to buy latest smartphones, can now grab them. Price of Penta Smart PS501 is Rs. 6,999 only and price of Penta Smart PS650 is Rs. 7,999 only. So, that was the first thing that every buyer keep their eyes on. This is truly a value for money smartphones.

    According to the reviews for BSNL debut smartphones, PS501 is said to be made for those who uses BSNL service in non-metros cities. Penta Smart PS501 has a sleek body with 5-inches screen display. It has pre-loaded antivirus protection. It has 1.2 GHz A7 dual core processor. PS501 is coming up with great specifications, but we got disappointed at RAM size which is only 512 MB. The good thing about the collaboration of BSNL with Pental Technologies is the free talktime! Yes BSNL is giving 1200 minutes full talktime for both smartphones on the BSNL network

    Full Specifications & Review Of Penta Smart PS501 –

    • Display – 5 – inch IPS LCD capacitive Screen
    • OS – Android 4.2.2 Jellybean OS
    • Processor – 1.2 GHz A7 Dual Core Processor
    • RAM – 512 MB RAM
    • Camera – 5 MP rear camera with VGA camera on front for video – conferencing.
    • Storage – 4GB internal memory
    • Dual – SIM – Yes
    • Battery – 1800mAH
    • Internet Connectivity – provides 3G, Wi-fi service.

    Penta PS501 Review – (Whether to buy Penta Smart PS501 android smartphone or not?)

    When you see at the looks, it will be really appealing to you. White body and sleek design is what a captivating feature that will insist you to buy this smartphone quickly. You can see a steel protective rim wrapped on the edges of the front side that makes it more attractive. The price of Penta Smart PS501 is only Rs.6,999 which is really cheap if we see at its great specifications. 5- inch screen display will make you irresistible. It grips very well in hands. Adding Android 4.2.2 Jellybean OS is somewhat like extra chocolate syrup on your desert. 5 MP camera is the delighted feature of this smartphone. Equipped with auto focus feature is an added advantage. PS501 smartphone tells you about the location and mobile operator of the caller if not saved in the contact list. Wow! that’s a compliment added by BSNL. Browsing is faster when connected via Wi-fi.

    Now, these were some of the good points about Penta Smart PS501. But that’s not enough to count while buying this android phone. You must knock at negative points too. Now, 512 MB RAM is what makes it slower. According to expert reviews, it is really slow to operate. It’s not ended here, navigating between the home screens takes a longer time to switch through. Even the browser gets open really late. Furthermore, when Penta Smart PS501 is taking too much time to operate things, it’s but obvious to know about the battery life! Flash is situated below the camera, so it stops our discussion about camera here.

    The battery of Penta Smart PS501 is already only 1800mAh, and when too much time is taken by applications, the battery drains very fast. Other positive point to add in the list is the vibrant colors that are really bright on screen. For now, we can’t say to buy Penta Smart PS501 by just having a glance at their specifications. Let’s wait for more reviews to resolve your confusion, but according to us don’t rush at free 1200 free talktime minutes offered by BSNL and don’t buy this smartphone.

    Full Specifications and Review of Penta Smart PS650 –

    • Display – 6.5 – inch 800 x 480 pixels) display.
    • OS – Android 4.2.2 Jellybean OS
    • Processor – 1.2 GHz A7 Dual Core Processor with with Mali 400 GPU.
    • RAM – 512 MB RAM
    • Camera – 2 MP rear camera with VGA camera on front for video – conferencing.
    • Storage – 4GB internal memory, extendable up to 32 GB.
    • Dual – SIM – Yes
    • Battery – 2500mAH
    • Internet Connectivity – provides 3G, Wi-fi service
    • Price – Rs. 7,999.

    Review – PS650 – We were just amazed when we drew our attention over the camera! It’s 2MP only! No matter, what the price is, but really 2 MP? We got disappointed then. After that we moved on to some other specifications of Penta PS650, to refresh our mood! Yes, the display screen size which is 6.5 inch screen, how can we forget that? Seems like Pental Technologies has put their aimed for screen size of both smartphones PS501 and PS650. Also, on the sleek design. Vibrant colors are just awesomely fine. Also, Battery life saves our discussion over the review of PS650. The battery power of Penta Smart P650 is 2500mAH which is larger than PS501. So, high in durability. Else these features, everything is just similar as the specifications of PS501. We are highly disappointed at the camera!

    Now, If you were planning to buy an android phone for your budget of Rs 10K, then Ps501 is value for money smartphone! You should buy this phone only if you know that you are buying it because of money. Else we are not impressed.

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    Do post your comments below. Let us know, if you gonna buy this smartphone or not? Soo enjoy reading BSNL’s smartphones PS501 & PS650 specifications and reviews.

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