The “” privacy policy statement gives you an overview of how we manage the data you submit to us. You may give us your information as a user, and this statement tells you how we use that.

“” keeps any data from users that have used this site safe and secure. If we ask for any information that identifies you, you can assure yourself that it will be according to this privacy policy.

The “” authority is responsible for decisions about changes to this privacy policy and so on. You may visit this page regularly to inquire about changes. This Privacy Statement is effective from 25 September 2020.

The Data We Collect:

  • Name of the respective user
  • User’s Email Address
  • Contacts and/or social media profiles
  • Age, Gender, preferences, and other Demographic Information
  • Offer/survey responses

Usage of Data

The data we take is used in the following cases

  • the internal User Database information
  • The data helps to improve our current services or introduce new offerings.
  • We offer special perks, discounts, coupons, and other promotional offerings to our users. That is why we need to use your information to send you these.
  • Your data also helps us to conduct market research for the aforementioned service development activities.
  • We use your responses to optimize our user experience properly.

Security Measures

“” protects your data and information with the utmost importance. We value your privacy immensely, and we have taken digital security measures and installed physical protocols to make sure your data stays safe.

How Cookies Work

Cookies are quite small-sized text files. Most websites use cookies. After you enter our website, we ask for your permission to put the file into your hard drive. Websites and web applications can appear and behave as individual entities through the use of cookies. Cookies also send you a notification if you entered another site. Data from cookies helps us make a suitable user experience for you.

These cookies are also a means of analytics for use. We can figure out how each page is performing and how you, the user, interact with our content. We make regular developments to the website services, and that becomes possible because of the cookies. Cookies automatically remove themselves after analysis.

You can reject the pop up for cookies if you don’t want them on your device. You can also change your browser settings to disallow cookies.

Under 18 Users

The Child Online Privacy act of 1998 (COPA) prohibits any underage users or users under 18 to enter the site. We work according to that notion and the COPA.  If you are under 18 and caught using the site and any fraudulent activities, legal action can affect you.

Links to Any Other Sites

There may be many links to other sites within our website. If you happen to visit those sites, then your activities will be according to that respective website’s privacy policy. If you face any damages or engage in a difficult situation on that site, “” will not hold any responsibility.

Your Personal Information

We will not share or disclose any personal information of users, except for any request or order from Law Enforcement Agencies compels us to do so. We use the data for market research, promotions, and improving our site.

If you need it, we will provide you a copy of your personal information following the Data Privacy Act 1998. There might be a small fee to pay. To request the information, copy, please email us at [email protected]

If you want to change any information you previously supplied us, then mail us your desired changes at the same address.

Google AdSense Cookies and DART Cookies

Google AdSense enables cookies in respective websites to show users ads according to the user’s browsing activities. For you to turn these cookies off, you need to check out the Google Privacy Policy here: We have no control of the Google Ad network cookies. This is the same for any other Ad networks.

Contact us at

For any questions or needs, please contact us through: [email protected].

Privacy Policy Changes

Only “” authorizes any and every change to the terms in the Privacy Policy. We do not usually send any notifications of the changes. You can check back with this page to inquire about changes.

Last Update

25 September 2020.