What Is A Virtual Assistant

What Is A Virtual Assistant? A Complete Guide For Everyone

What is a virtual assistant? How do you become a virtual assistant? How can I hire a virtual assistant? Well, the roles played by virtual assistants can’t be ignored as they are have become an essential part of our economy. There are times when handling office tasks can be hectic, but it can be much more comfortable with experienced personnel.

It won’t take time to complete these tasks. However, not all virtual assistants can perform all your office tasks. So, whenever you plan to hire a virtual assistant, find one with the experience that your office needs. Find more about how to hire a virtual assistant, salary, roles, and their benefits.

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

Unlike the past, where staff had to stick to their offices, they could remotely perform their office roles today. This is a clear definition of a virtual assistant, a person performing office roles remotely. The improvements in the technological industry that brought reliable Internet of Things fuelled a virtual assistant’s demand. This is because companies realized that they could archive more by hiring Virtual assistants. Many offices administrative and clerical can be performed by virtual personal assistants, thus effective.

Why You Need A Virtual Assistant

It’s predicted that there will be a high demand for Tech-Driven Skills in the coming years. this is due to the increasing advancements of the internet of things (IoT). Therefore, you’ll realize that there are several reasons why virtual assistants’ roles are becoming essential in our economy.

Better Exploitation of Employee Skills: There are a lot of works to be done in the office. Imagine your senior employer dealing with emails and to-do lists; these are tasks that virtual assistants can do quickly. Thus, your skilled staff can focus on what’s important.

Reduced Cost: Let’s assume there was no Microsoft virtual assistant; which kind of office would they need to operate freely? The idea is that hiring a VA can help you reduce the cost of salary and training. Virtual assistants have prior knowledge dealing with office duties, and you can hire them as part-time employers.

Time-Saving: It cost a lot of time to perform some office roles, especially for the small business. Thus, turning to VAs can save you time while still assure you of high-quality services. If you hire a VA with the right experience, your business will boom.

Where to Find Virtual Assistants

Getting a virtual assistant isn’t a challenging task; the only problem is how to find the best one. However, with experience in the hiring process, you will find the best one from freelance marketplaces or virtual assistant companies. Let’s look at them in detail.

Freelance Marketplaces

Not all Freelance Marketplaces are reliable, meaning you’ll not find it easy to screen the applicants. one job posting can attract over 100 candidates, so your task is to select the one who meets your hiring criterion. But, be sure to state your requirement to screen out the unqualified candidates. Some of the reliable freelance market places include Upwork, Freelance My Way, and Smashing Magazine.

These sites are best because they screen every member during the registration process. as a result, you’ll only meet candidates with experience. Also, applicants can bid with less than the stated project amount. Moreover, you’ll when satisfied with the work done.

Virtual Assistant Companies

These are online agencies with a pool of virtual assistants with skills in different disciplines. By contacting these companies, they consider your expectations and send you the best-qualified candidate. since they have experience in hiring a virtual assistant, they will do all the hiring processes, saving you time and resources. The best and reliable Virtual Assistant Companies include WoodBows, Prialto, Worldwide101, and  Casumo.

How to Hire

Do you want to hire a virtual assistant? There are several virtual agents worldwide, and with the best approach, you can get the best one. We will take you through the most critical three steps that can help you to get an excellent virtual personal assistant.

Which Task Do You Want to Outsource?

Begin by putting on a list of tasks you always do in your company. You can organize them in a spreadsheet. Moreover, you can use ClickUp, Asana, or other project management tools. The next thing you can do is track the amount of time and effort you spend on each task. You can do this for a day or a week doing the tracking. You can opt for time tracker apps; they will help you analyze the time faster. Tasks that take much of your effort and time are the best ones to assign your virtual assistant.

Who Do You Want to Hire? 

After knowing the task, you have, then proceed with the hiring process:

  1. Define the qualities the VR should have; you can include language, time zone, and expected virtual assistant salary.
  2. You’ll need to verify their skills & abilities, consisting of strength, weakness, accuracy, accountability, and time management.
  3. You will need to create a sample task to confirm if they match the job specification.

If the job is correctly done, proceed to the next step.

Establish A Collaborative and Successful Work Relationship

The secret of ensuring you have a collaborative and successful relationship with your virtual assistant staff is to observe the following. Give precise instructions, set targets and deadlines as well as asking for regular updates. Moreover, you should give them access to your business tools while providing clear feedback and stating your expectation. If you have more tasks, assign those you feel comfortable working with to enhance performance.

How to Pay

When you hire a virtual office assistant through job agencies, you won’t have any problem paying the staff. Many of these agencies have reliable payment options. When you pay the Agency, they will, in turn, pay the Virtual assistant. However, if you hired a virtual assistant independently, you can always pay when they accomplish the task. Also, it would be best if you used reliable payment options. The most common payment methods include PayPal, TransferWise, Payoneer. Each of these payment methods has its pros and cons; always choose one that makes you comfortable.

What Tasks Can Virtual Assistants Do for You?

Administrative Tasks: Virtual administrative assistants can do any work done by your administrative assistant. These include basic data entry, diary management, booking travel arrangements, answering phone calls, and organizing calendar & to-do lists.

Content Creation: Many companies today use blog posts to drive traffic to their websites. Creating content for this blog post can be done by virtual assistants. Some of them can ensure SEO tips for unique content. You can ire many of them from a pool of Upwork virtual assistant.

Social Media Management: Offering the best customer care services can attract many customers. You don’t have to rely on phone calls; with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, you can respond to your customer quarries. this is a role well performed by Virtual assistants.

Research: Figures don’t lie; they help you predict the feature of your business. If you don’t have experience in data analysis or have limited time, you can hire a VA to research. They can give suggestions to improve the yield of your firm.

Other Virtual Assistant Roles: There are several tasks that virtual assistants can do, including your tasks. Also, they can manage your emails, serve as customer care, or managing financial records. Depending on the scope of their duties, they will see to it that your business thrive as long as you provide the best virtual assistant salary.

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Work Remotely: Virtual assistants don’t need an office next to you for them to work. They can work from anywhere, at any time, thus saving your logistics and money.

Cost-Effective: When you compare a virtual assistant salary and a full-time employer, you discover a more significant difference. Companies that hire virtual assistants pay lower hourly wages, thus highly affordable.

Available When Needed: That work is required the next morning, yet you are exhausted, and you need some rest. It’s simple, hire virtual assistance that’s available, and everything will be in order. They can even work during your off-hours.

Depending on your need, you can hire multiple virtual assistants. Depending on your company’s size and the goals you want to complete, you can choose to hire many assistants. Therefore, you will be able to accomplish the tasks within a short time.


many companies are shifting hiring virtual assistants because of the several advantages we have seen. Freelancing is the most common virtual assistant jobs that are proliferating. The logo design industry is also thriving due to the existence of a virtual personal assistant. With virtual assistant services, your business can cover a larger geographical space. Sooner, hiring a virtual assistant will become a necessity, not a reality.

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