Lionel Messi Leaves FC Barcelona

Lionel Messi Leaves FC Barcelona [Updated News]

There’s been very shocking news in sports this week. However, the most important one is that Messi leaves FC Barcelona. The fact that Messi leaves FC Barcelona has come as a surprise for many of this team’s fans. Many people say that Messi is the best player in the whole world. So, it isn’t weird that this news has left a lot of fans very upset.

However, they are all very thankful for what he was able to do in this club. Nobody can say that Messi wasn’t helpful while he was in FC Barcelona. While he was there, this club has been through one of the best moments in its history.

Messi is a very talented person. In addition, he always had a deep devotion to FC Barcelona. He’s been in this club for the majority of his life. However, it was recently announced that Messi leaves FC Barcelona. This came very unexpectedly for many fans.

However, he was not very happy with the club in recent years. He shared the field with a lot of great players that became his friends. However, the majority of them left, leaving him all alone in the club. This could be one of the main reasons why Messi leaves FC Barcelona.

In addition, the club management wasn’t having a great relationship with its star player. So, it is understandable that Messi leaves FC Barcelona.

The reactions to the news that Messi leaves FC Barcelona were heartbreaking. A lot of fans were unfortunate to hear that Messi leaves FC Barcelona. However, they are grateful for what he did in the club and his happiness to the club. FC Barcelona had its best games with Messi on the field.

This fantastic player has always surprised all the fans with the fantastic dribbles he could make. However, Barcelona wasn’t at its best for a long time. The club enjoyed a lot of excellent players, but many of them left in recent years. The fact that Messi leaves FC Barcelona might cause the club to decay even more.

In this article, we will talk all about the news that Messi leaves FC Barcelona. We will go through his time in the club. In addition, we will talk about his last moments in the club. We will also talk about what he said in his farewell.

Finally, we will talk about where Messi might go now that he is not with Barcelona. Messi will undoubtedly keep playing football, so we still have time to appreciate him. Keep reading if you want to know why and how Messi leaves FC Barcelona.

Messi Leaves FC Barcelona

Messi Leaves FC Barcelona

What started as rumors turned out to be true: Messi leaves FC Barcelona. Many people couldn’t believe it, but the greatest player in the world is leaving his team. Messi has always been there for FC Barcelona, so it was shocking to discover that he left the team. Since he was a child, Messi played with this team.

In addition, FC Barcelona paid for some medical procedures that Messi needed as a child. However, the player had already paid this debt to the club by winning many things with the team. Some people might argue that Messi owes his career to the club.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Messi has given a lot of joy to FC Barcelona Fans for a long time, paying any debt he could have with the club in the past.

Even though Messi leaves FC Barcelona, he won’t stop playing football. The player said that he is ready to go to another club and keep winning awards and cups. It will be extraordinary to see Messi with another shirt than Barcelona’s or Argentina’s.

However, there have been a lot of photo edits showing him with many other shirts. People are eager to know what this fantastic player is going to do in the future. There is a massive rumor that Messi might go to PSG. However, Messi to PSG is still not confirmed.

It is not the first time that it is said that Messi leaves FC Barcelona. Some months ago, there was a rumor that the player was not happy with the club. In addition, his contract had ended some weeks ago too. However, in those situations, he finally stayed in the club. But now the rumors are true. Messi leaves FC Barcelona for real this time.

What Messi Said in His Farewell in Barcelona

What Messi Said in His Farewell in Barcelona

We can know that Messi is indeed leaving Barcelona because he spoke about it. Messi had a farewell where he announced he wasn’t staying in the club. It was a very emotional moment. The player said that he wasn’t expecting it and was very sad while he was in tears. In addition, a lot of fans gathered to support him outside the stadium.

Even though Messi leaves FC Barcelona, the majority of fans still love him. Many fans grew up watching him playing for FC Barcelona. In addition, other old fans saw how he grew both as a man and as a player. So, it was very shocking to watch how he said goodbye in his farewell.

The news that Messi leaves FC Barcelona was shocking for him too. He said that he wasn’t ready to leave the club he grew up in. He also thanked the fans and the whole team for always supporting him. “The truth is I’m leaving. I’m so grateful for the care people have shown me,” he said. “I never imagined having to say goodbye.”.

Even though he had problems with the club recently, Messi said he wasn’t planning to leave this year. The player wanted to continue in the club, but he couldn’t do anything. So, Messi leaves FC Barcelona without it being his decision.

Many people believe that it was his decision because he said he wasn’t happy with the team’s leadership. However, even though Messi leaves FC Barcelona, it wasn’t his decision. He said that this year he never thought of leaving the club. But the club couldn’t keep paying him.

Full Farewell Speech at FC Barcelona Youtube

Why Is Messi Leaving FC Barcelona?

Messi Leaving FC Barcelona

When people heard that Messi leaves FC Barcelona, the first question they asked themselves was why. As we have already said, a lot of people assumed it was because he was unhappy. In addition, many other fans thought that Messi chose to leave. However, this wasn’t the reason why he left the club. Messi saw a lot of his friends and teammates leave the club.

From Neymar Jr to Suarez, a lot of people left the team. But the best player in the world always stayed loyal to FC Barcelona. So, a lot of people couldn’t understand why Messi leaves FC Barcelona.

Even Messi said that he didn’t want to leave, and it was unexpected for him too. Messi didn’t leave Barcelona because it was his decision. Messi had even agreed to a 50% cut in his salary to stay in the club. “We agreed to a 50 percent pay cut, and Barcelona didn’t ask me for anything else. Everything else is false. We did everything possible, but it couldn’t be done. There have been a lot of things said that aren’t true.”. However, the reality is that FC Barcelona couldn’t keep paying him.

Messi leaves FC Barcelona not because he wanted to, but because the club couldn’t pay him. The club was with many debts and was even having trouble paying some of the other players.

So, they weren’t capable of keeping the best player in the world. At other times, FC Barcelona had more money than what they have now. So, Messi left FC Barcelona because they couldn’t pay him.

Messi’s Achievements in Barcelona

Messi’s Achievements in Barcelona

Throughout this article, we have mostly talked about how Messi Leaves FC Barcelona. However, he helped them win a lot of awards and championships while he was on this team. In addition, he also won a lot of awards by himself for being an outstanding player. Many people think that Messi is overrated. But the awards that he won speak for themselves. That’s why it is so sad for many fans that Messi Leaves FC Barcelona.

Messi has also been in the club for a very long time, so he has had many achievements with the club. Since he was very young, Messi helped FC Barcelona win many tournaments. The list of Messi’s achievements in the club is pervasive. Some could argue that because of Messi Leaves FC Barcelona, the club won’t win many things.

In addition, the club has been through a rough time in the last few years. They had some years where they were the best team in the world without a doubt. However, now they have a lower level, and many other teams are getting better.

The tournaments and titles that Messi won for FC Barcelona are:

  • 10 La Liga trophies
  • 70 Copas del Rey
  • 8 Spanish Super Cups
  • 4 Champions Leagues
  • 3 European Super Cups
  • 3 Club World Cups

So, the total of trophies that Messi won for the FC Barcelona team is 45.

However, Messi not only won awards for the team. He was also recognized with some achievements for being a great player. In addition, he’s the player with the most significant number of golden balls. These are some awards that he won:

  • 6 Golden Balls
  • 3 UEFA Men’s Player of the Awards
  • 6 European Golden Shoes
  • 8 Pichichi Trophies
  • 6 Champions League top scorer
  • 1 Best striker in Champions League
  • 6 La Liga Player of the Year
  • 2 Best Player in Club World Cups
  • 1 Club World Cup Golden Boot
  • 1 FIFA The Best award

Messi won 40 awards in all his time with Barcelona FC. “He is Barcelona’s most-capped player of all time, appearing in 778 matches for the club. He is also the club’s all-time highest goalscorer with 670 goals to his name”.

Next Destination for Messi

Next Destination for Messi

Now that Messi leaves FC Barcelona, a lot of clubs will want to hire him. After all, he is the best player in the world and will help any team he is in. It isn’t easy to imagine Messi playing in another club that is not FC Barcelona. A very healthy option for the player to go to is PSG.

Messi to PSG has been said a lot since the news that Messi leaves FC Barcelona. He even said that this was an option in his farewell. However, he also said that even though many clubs offered him a contract, he still hasn’t made a decision.

If Messi to PSG becomes a reality, he will play with his former teammate and friend, Neymar Jr. Neymar left FC Barcelona a few years ago, but he maintained his friendship with the best player in the world. Also there are Di Maria and Leandro Paredes who are his National Teammates.

It is often said that Messi plays better with Neymar on his side. However, we are sure that Messi will play fantastic in any team he chooses to go to. So, regardless of his decision, we will always support him.

New update: Lionel Messi has agreed a two-year deal to join Paris St-Germain following his shock exit from Barcelona. according to

Wrap Up

Although Messi leaves FC Barcelona might be sad for fans, he will still play football. So, we still have some time to watch the best player in the world on another team.

Messi is a great player, and we are sure that he will still be great in any team that he goes to. He has already helped FC Barcelona in many tournaments, and while doing this, he gained the love of a lot of fans. So, even though Messi leaves FC Barcelona, he will still be supported by Barcelona’s fans! And Messi mentioned it’s not a goodbye, He will come to Barcelona.

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