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HIIT Nutrition 101 |What To Do What Not To

HIIT or high-intensity interval training is intense, physical, and requires large amounts of energy. Due to the nature of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), people require proper nutrition before and after the workout to get the best results from it.

HIIT involves extreme cardio, bodyweight, and weight-bearing exercises. It simply means that body needs both energy and nutrients to perform and The combination of these movements elevates the heart rate and gets the muscles working hard. This means the body needs both energy and HIIT nutrition to perform and recuperate.

The intensity of HIIT can cause muscle loss if the body doesn’t have the nutrients to support and defeat it. It is necessary to give your body the boost of energy it needs to burn body fat. Snacks and light meals are great for pre-workout, while a healthy meal is ideal post-workout for refueling.

As it is clear to its name High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a highly intense physical activity that requires a large amount of energy. Good nutrition is therefore most important to keep yourself energetic.

What is HIIT?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is popular for real results in shorter periods of time with extensive health benefits. However, with a busy schedule, people are seeking out these kinds of workouts.

HIIT involves various repeated sessions with proper intervals. These workouts are performed at very high intensity and can be modified easily according to your needs and requirements. When you combine it with a HIIT nutrition program and provide you serious results and health benefits which include:-

  • Blood pressure and cardiovascular health improvement
  • Insulin sensitivity improvement
  • Improvement in body composition

Whether you add a HIIT fitness program for providing results to clients or for your own personal fitness and health benefits with this style of training. It’s important to understand HIIT Nutrition needs. It does vary by individual and training but it supports a lot of HIIT programs. Nutrition products and meal ideas for pre and post-workout can help a lot in achieving goals.

Workout Nutrition for HIIT

For meeting the energy demands of a HIIT intense workout, it’s important to eat nutritional and balanced food. However, there is no need for major dietary changes, you should be just aware of what you are eating and what you should not eat. Because there is no point in completing the intense workout if you again load extra calories immediately after.

The intensity of HIIT means that your body needs to have a supply of nutrients. A few hours before you start the workout, consume some easily digestible protein and carbohydrates in the ratio of 3:1. Because of digestible and slow-release carbs such as nuts, oatmeal, and whole grain.  You can pair it with some protein sources like chicken fish, lean, and tofu. Foods that are rich in fiber should be avoided before a workout because it may cause you unwanted stomach cramps. However, you should take the proper amount of protein or fat as required. Because it takes a long time to digest and converting it to energy.

Before Workout

You can fuel yourself with carbs and energy. It provides fuel to you so that you can work out at your maximum level. Without it, you may feel tired, weaker, or sluggish while doing the workout. Before this, you should know the major difference between simple carbs and complex carbs.

  • Simple carbs: These carbs are digested faster and provide quick energy to your body.
  • Complex carbs: These types of carbs are broken down in a much slower process providing energy over time.

Combine both simple and complex carbs to boost your energy right away while sustaining you through the whole workout. Protein plays an effective role as a pre-workout nutrient routine. A small amount of protein is the requirement of our body and it is ideal to consume protein in the required amount. Prefer food that is easily digestible and prevents you from getting an upset stomach.

Below mentioned are snack ideas for 30 minutes to an hour before your workout you can choose to eat are:-

  • Hard-boiled egg with an apple.
  • Sliced banana on a rice cake
  • Berries with yogurt
  • Toast (whole grain) with nut butter and sliced meat.
  • Oats and dried fruit together
  • Pita bread and humus


After Workout

The biggest nutritional concern HIIT post-workout is helpful in repairing muscles and for replacing energy stores that have been broken down during the intense workout.

Similarly, the combination of protein and carbohydrates in 3:1 has been shown to be most effective. According to research, getting these within 30 minutes after the workout is also effective as pre-workout meals. Food items you should eat after a workout include:-

  • Cereal (Whole-grain) with soy milk and fruit.
  • Whole-wheat crackers with cheese and fruit
  • Pita bread and humus

The best HIIT nutrition after a workout and before a workout effectively boosts energy and results in client motivation. It is helpful in achieving the results they seek and also improves customer retention results they are looking for. The effective nutritional program for high-intensity interval training follows along established guidelines. If you need a specific meal plan make sure they are working with appropriate or professionals to meet their personalized nutritional needs.

Importance of Staying Hydrated During HIIT

As we know hydration is necessary for our body. It becomes more essential while eating right before and after a workout to keep yourself hydrated as well as energetic. When we sweat we lose fluids that become a hurdle that should be replenished but drinking enough water before your session is just as important.

Dehydration will grab your strength, especially during a high-intensity workout. Therefore it is recommended to intake water according to your body weight. For example, if your weight is 60 kg you should eat 3ltr of water a day (1 ltr for every 20 kg). However, a basic rule of thumb is:

  • Before your workout drink 20 ounces 2-3 hours
  • 30 minutes before your workout drink a full 8-ounce glass
  • Drink some another 16 ounces 30 minutes following your workout

Be sure to stay hydrated during your workout. Drinking after every 20 minutes of intense movement will keep you on your toes and lead you towards maximum performance.


HIIT Workout is beneficial for our health if you fuel your body with HIIT Nutrition products which will help you in getting proper energy for an intense workout. Combining HIIT with vegan nutrition products and a healthy diet will not only boost energy but will also improve your performance and optimize results.

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