5 Best Smart Home Gadgets in 2021

5 Best Smart Home Gadgets in 2022

Smart home gadgets are saving a lot of our time in home activities. Thanks to them, cleaning, locking, lighting, entertainment, safety, and overall home management have become quite easy. Here, we will mention 5 of the best smart home gadgets. Of course, there are many appealing gadgets out there. But, these 5 can enhance your everyday routine.

5 Best Smart Home Gadgets in 2022

As we mentioned, our review will introduce you to a couple of amazing home gadgets. At first, we will have Amazon Echo Studio which will solve your home theatre or similar sound system setup. Later, we have the Philips Hue that gives you a smart lighting system. Next, we have the Nest Hello which is a smart doorbell. Its automatic recognition and impressive performance allow you to receive anyone beforehand.

As every smart home system requires the highest safety, we have the August WiFi Smart Lock for that. It automatically manages your locking system while ensuring proper home safety. In the last recommendation, we have the Shark Ion as your smart home cleaning device. With them, your smart home decoration will be completed. As a bonus, we have also included a mini smart plug from Belkin. You can manage any rechargeable device through it with a voice command. Let’s check them out with the detailed features.

Amazon Echo Studio

Amazon echo studio

Amazon Echo Studio is your complete home sound system. Its smooth sound and coverage will allow you to dominate a theatre-like setup. This device creates a 3D sound that feels like every sound generated from a 360 angle. In addition, it supports Dolby Atmos Technology. So, no matter where the position is, it will automatically adjust the sound so that you can feel the same from and distance. That brings you a mesmerizing feeling from it.

Moreover, it supports Alexa voice control. So, all you need is to speak the command and the system will do accordingly. A party event or music listening session will be easier than ever. Besides, you can sync the device with other amazon smart devices. Thus, a complete home technology option is at your hands.


  • Brand: Amazon
  • Model: Echo Studio
  • Support Music Streaming: Yes
  • Supporting Format: Any known format including Hi Res Audio
  • Automatic Adaption: Yes
  • Input: 3.5mm mini optical Toslink
  • WIFI & Bluetooth: Yes
  • Control: Alexa Voice Control
  • Warranty: 1 year (Upto 3 years for US customers)

Philips Hue

Philip hue


Philip Hue is your smart lighting gadget for home decoration. Turning on/off the switch took a lot of hassle. Besides, you need to reach the switch every single time. To get rid of such complexity, we have these Alexa supported smart lights. Just give the command and it will do the job.
Another amazing thing is that they have multiple colors. With the Hue features, you can get any color combination to light up your home. Any party event or home setting is perfectly suitable for it. Besides, these lights come with 22 years of lifetime! You can just get one and pass several years without any complaint.


  • Brand: Philips
  • Model: Hue Smart Light Bulb
  • Lifetime: 22 years/25000 hours
  • Color Variants: 16 million
  • Type: LED

Nest Hello

Nest hallo


Nest Hello is a smart doorbell device that comes with face recognition. Moreover, you can also sync it with a smart lock device. This allows you to permit trusted people with face recognition features. Even more, it can connect to a server and upload the recording. With clear video and audio output, it performs more than you can ask for.

As we mentioned Amazon smart devices, you can easily sync with them. This type of doorbell gives you more space to deal with unknown entry and home safety. Besides, you can easily welcome someone beforehand.


  • Brand: Wasserstein
  • Model: Nest Hello
  • Adjustable Mount: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 0-35 degree
  • Warranty: 3 months
  • Color Option: 2 (Black & White)

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August smart lock


Now, this is a smart gadget you must have for home safety. In most cases, people use smart devices for easy home organization and safety. Always carrying a key and risk of forgetting is no more. This smart lock gives you app sync. So, you can share access with trusted people directly from the app. The device works with WiFi so you don’t have to worry about any wired connection. Besides, it supports Alexa and Google assistant. So, just operate the device with a voice command.


  • Brand: August
  • Model: WiFi Smart Lock
  • Material: Metal
  • Finishing: Powder Coated
  • Weight: 1.54 pounds
  • Support: App support
  • Command Support: Alexa, Google Assistant, Z-wave, Nest, IFTTT
  • DoorSense: Yes

Shark Ion R85

Shark ion r85


Cleaning is an essential part of every home. We spend a lot of time doing so. But, the time will be reduced a lot with the help of smart gadgets like Shark Ion. This robotic vacuum cleaner helps you with automatic cleaning. Just use voice command and the device will automatically pick up all the dirt, debris, hair, and similar waste stuff. If you have hairy pets and need fast cleaning then just try it.

This gadget uses row by row cleaning and room mapping for the best result. So, you don’t have to worry about leaving home for a long time. This device will keep the cleaning going on. As the market says, this is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in the market. As our previous gadgets, it also supports Alexa and Google Assistant.


  • Brand: Shark
  • Model: Ion R85
  • Weight: 13.23 pounds
  • Suitable Surface: Hard Floor & Carpet
  • Pet hair Cleaning: Yes
  • APP & Voice Control: Yes
  • Room Mapping: Yes
  • Edge & Corner Cleaning: Yes


Along with these best home gadgets, we have one special recommendation for you. It is a smart plug device from Belkin. Let’s check out the gadget.

Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Belkin wemo mini smart plug

Belkin Wemo is one of the best smart plug devices for home decoration. Instead of using old plug devices, you should use these smart plugs. You don’t have to go through manual turning on/off. Rather, just use the app or voice control to operate the device from anywhere. Any rechargeable device will benefit from having such a gadget. Surprisingly, you can also do scheduled charging or operating with it.


  • Brand: Belkin
  • Model: Wemo Mini Smart Plug
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Voice Control: Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home kit
  • WiFi & App Support: Yes
  • Schedule Operation: Yes
  • Voltage: 120V

What to Know Before Buying?

Before buying these devices, you need to know a few things about them. First of all, will it be beneficial for you? If you have a home that does not support a particular device or its preferable environment then the purchase would be wasted. It can be a lock, plug, cleaner, or anything. Then, consider the build quality and durability. If the gadget has a cheap build structure then it will just cost you even more.

Later, you need to consider the sync and overall usages system. The more you can sync, the better experience and safety will be achieved. You are using a smart gadget to reduce your home activities. If the device gives you more trouble then there is no reason behind using them. Lastly, consider the price. These gadgets are not cheap. Even though some of them are pretty cheap, many of them are expensive.

Just like the automatic cleaner, it costs more than $400! So, if the device doesn’t give you enough value to justify the price then ignore it. Overall, you need to consider what a smart gadget offers and how helpful those features will be. If they cover your home safety and reduce the work, don’t hesitate to buy them.

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Final Thoughts

We have mentioned the best smart home gadgets you can try to enhance the indoor decoration. Cleaning, lock, lighting, checking visitors, and operating electric connections are the major part of home activities. Using smart devices, we can operate them remotely and safely.

We have gathered 5 of the best home gadgets to try along with a bonus device. If you are going through a lot of home activities then try them out. With the device detail, we also mentioned the buying tips as well. Follow them and give a shot to any gadget you like.

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