Amazon Echo Studio Review

Amazon Echo Studio Review

If you want a smart home sound system then there is no denying how good Amazon Echo Studio is! With the latest $100 mark Echo series addition, Amazon Echo is rocking the market. Although, the initial Echo Studio is still buzzing the market with a $150 mark. With the 3 dimensional sound generation and voice control, it is the best smart sound system you can ask for.

There is a reason why we are moving into smart sound devices like Amazon Echo. From any aspect like performance, control and coverage, they are just better than the old systems. Besides, these devices give us better functionality and control. So, our home decoration has changed quite a lot. With the latest releases, this series is one of the best audio gadgets to decorate your indoor sound system. Let’s check out our Amazon Echo Studio Review to learn everything in detail. We will cover its features, performance, pros, cons, and more.

Amazon Echo Studio

As you already know, it is a smart sound device that can cover your whole indoor system. It has highly adaptable and balanced sound features. So, not only home usages but also you can use it for indoor parties. Besides, you can easily sync it with a TV or any other smart multimedia device. That gives you a more comfortable and versatile experience.
It has got quite a reputation for grabbing the market within a short period.

Even though there are many alternatives like Google Home, Google Nest Hub, Amazon Echo Studio still remains the top choice. It has a few variants and combo deals. We will describe them in the price comparison section. Let’s dive into the features and comparison one by one.

Features and Style

First of all, we have to talk about its 3D sound generation. Not only it covers a wide range but also makes you feel the sound from every direction. If you want to have a party or fun time with music then there is no better option. Moreover, it has 5 stage adjustment features. So, you get every sound precisely no matter where you are.

As for feature support, it has built-in support for HI RES audio and Dolby Atmos. Surprisingly, the built-in amplifier adapts to any environment you are in. On top of that, it supports all available audio formats you can think of. For connectivity, Echo Studio supports both WiFi and Bluetooth.

With the Alexa support, you can operate the device with just a simple voice command. That is the most amazing facility from a smart device for a smart home. As for the design, it has a round shape with an eye-catching finishing. It is easy to carry anywhere and suits any indoor placement.

Amazon echo studio system

Build Quality

The body and overall structure are durable enough to hold for a long time. Its solid build is covered with fine fabric. The button is in the top position. Inside, each part is made of a durable design that will not break up or get jammed. So, you can try this one without any trouble.

TV Audio Performance

As you know, most audio devices need a huge structure and sound capacity to cover a large area. So, covering your whole indoor system is not what any device can do. But, Echo Studio can. We mentioned that it has a 3D sound creation feature. It is more amazing than any HI Res audio output.

Moreover, it has smart technology that can adapt to its surroundings. Even more, Amazon Echo Studio has multiple layers of sound creation. You will not get the same type of sound for every media. A piece of beautiful music needs smoothness while a party session needs amplified sound. It gives all those features you need.

Thus, if you have a smart TV then connecting to Amazon Echo is natural. There are many music and other media streaming services. With Alexa’s help, you can easily sync the devices and play any media at any time.

In the Box

In the box, you will get an Amazon Echo Studio device, its power cable, and Quick Start Guide. As a reminder, Amazon Echo Studio may come in combo packages with a smart bulb or other amazon smart devices. So, check the additional devices if you purchase any combo deal.


If you go for a single purchase without any combo deal then Echo Studio should be available around the $150 mark. Comparing the price and performance, it has a high value ratio. With extreme sound quality and smart efficiency, it is just the best smart audio gadget you can ask for.

Amazon Echo Studio Benefits

  • 3D sound output
  • Highly environment adaptable
  • Beautiful design
  • Durable and smart inner structure
  • Quality finishing
  • Support Alexa and smart voice control
  • Can sync with other smart devices
  • Perfect audio output for any indoor setup
  • Can cover a large apartment or home
  • High quality amplifier
  • Both WiFI and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Alexa support
  • Dolby Atmos support
  • 1-year warranty period
  • Easy to use and control

Amazon Echo Studios Drawbacks

  • Holding point is not great so hard to carry by hands
  • Sonos and Apple AirPlay are better alternatives for multiple room coverage
  • Few bugs are available
  • Some may need Echo Sub for better sound output
  • Latest Fire TV 4K support has issue

Alternative Recommendation

If you don’t feel like using Amazon Echo Studio then don’t worry. We have a few alternatives for you. Not only did they rival its performance but also surpassed it in several categories.

  • Sonos One
  • Apple HomePod
  • Google Home

These three are the best alternatives you can try out. Sonos One is highly popular as the echo alternative. Its multiple room coverage with smooth sound is highly satisfying among the users. In addition, You can also try other options like Apple HomePod or Google Home. Both of them offer a large number of audio features that will be perfect for your smart indoor decoration.

Our Verdict

Echo Studio is by far the best smart audio system from Amazon. It has a high powerful sound output with different adjustability. That gives you a flexible option to enjoy any audio media. Besides, its 3D sound generation, Dolby Atmos support, Amplifier, and other features are well balanced.

With a durable build, your smart sound system will be kicking with full performance. We have also introduced a few alternatives. Check out our full Amazon Echo Review to learn about the device and everything on it from different perspectives.

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